Ego S2 Slider Net Replacement Handles

Easily interchangeable with your existing Ego S2 Slider Handle, the Ego S2 Slider Handles are designed especially for the award winning, Ego S2 Slider Net. With the push of a button, you can extend the 18-inch handle to 36-inches, and the 29-inch handle extends to a full 60-inches for extra long reachability. The Ego S2 Slider Handles also lock in place at 6-inch intervals for maximum convenience. 

*Slider Extension Technology
*Neoprene Foam Grip
*Thumb Release Tab
*Designed to Float

Pair it with the 2010 ICAST Winner of Best of Show in Fishing Accessories - the Ego S2 Slider Net.

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Ego S2 Slider Net Handle 29" $43.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought the Ego Slider net originally about a year ago or more. Love it but in salt the handle failed eventually, if I had to guess a spring came loose or corroded...despite regular washing and silicone spray treatments.  FYI, our net portion does not fit regular paint roller extension handles, so you can't go that route unless you can figure out a way to change the threaded heads out. Bought a replacement though and hopefully with more TLC this one will last more than a year.  LOVE the concept and hopefully they will improve the 'guts' of the handle to better hold up in salt.

From: Andy: San Diego, CA, USA

Comments: Awesome for fish 4lbs and smaller when extended. But it's a little whimpy and will bend if extended when you bring in anything over 5.5lbs. You can bend it back somewhat, but it's hard to extend. Also - check out Home of the Pot... have the same handle (with different screw end) for $20. If you know you are going to catch big fish, check out the yellow paint roller pole at Home Depot - I think it's 6-8' long, and a lot more sturdy. I can handle the net in the water a lot easier too. The net is heavy as heck when you stick it in the water.

From: Russ: Canton, GA

Comments: Just received it and Ive had oppurtunity to use it several times  Incredible  Like no other net out there   Simple and not bulky...Must have

From: Eddie: Shreveport, LA

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