Fish Arrow Whicky Head 3pk - $7.49

Add a never-before-seen level of attraction to your wacky-rigged soft plastics with the Fish Arrow Whicky Head. Built with a strong-churning prop-blade, the Fish Arrow Whicky Head produces an unbeatable combination of pressure waves, vibration, and tonal agitation.

Along the shank of the hook, the Fish Arrow Whicky Head has a rubber cone that keeps the prop blade from sliding down and soft plastics securely attached. When fish aren’t responding to traditional whacky-rigs, the Fish Arrow Whicky Head adds a unique and highly effective twist to your favorite soft plastics. 

Fish Arrow Weight Quantity
1.4g 1/20oz 3
1.8g 1/16oz 3
2.2g 1/13oz 3

Comments:  The blades on this thing spin effortlessly! Rigged with a Roboworm, it looks very cool as it helicopters slowly down to the bottom. Fished it once so far. Got a lot of bites, but the problem is that the hook is too small! I could not get a missed 3 solid bites because I could not get a good hookset. I got the 1.8g and 2.2g and the hook is the same - about a size 4 wide gap. You are forced to use a thin worm, probably no fatter than a standard Roboworm or else you will not get good hook penetration - tough luck all you Senko lovers :( If the hook was a just a tad bigger, then it would be solid performer.

From: Richard: Dublin, CA 6/12/14

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Fish Arrow Whicky Head 3pk

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Fish Arrow Whicky Head 1.4g $7.49 5+
Fish Arrow Whicky Head 1.8g $7.49 5+
Fish Arrow Whicky Head 2.2g $7.49 1