When it comes to a fishing rod, your hands tell the story.  Literally designed, tested, created and used by some of the best pro bass anglers in the world, including the likes of Fred Roumbanis, Bub Tosh, Gabe Bolivar and Matt Newman.  From the moment you grab hold of an iRod Genesis Series Casting Rod you’ll feel the advanced technology and expertise at work.  Based on countless years of experience on the water, each pro designed their rods specifically for their strongest techniques - incorporating all the fine details and attributes they require to fish at the highest levels.  Lightweight, technologically advanced, balanced and comfortable, the iRod Genesis Series Casting Rods bridge the gap between the high cost of technology and affordability - putting high-performance, technique-specific rods in the hands of more anglers.  iRod knows once you have an iRod Genesis Series Casting Rod in your hands - you’ll feel what their talking about. Feel one today! For more specifics on each rod click the video link in the tag lines below.

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  • The iRod Air Series Casting Rods are the lightest rods iRod has ever created. Featuring a special blank construction and premium components, they deliver the perfect blend of lightweight sensitivity, power and durability.

  • The iRod Crusher Series Casting Rods deliver the high quality components and advanced materials you need to crush the competition.

  • Delivering high-end, tournament-caliber performance, the new iRod Fiber Series Casting Rods are available at a reasonable price that still leaves you with enough in your wallet for the entry fee.

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    Literally designed, tested, created and used by some of the best pro bass anglers in the world, the iRod Genesis II Series Casting Rods build on the success of the originals - and are now a full 30% lighter.

Customer Reviews

Comments: these rods are so freakin awesome!!!  great improvement from the gen 1 series, their more balanced, lighter, higher grade materials, but with the same fish smackin power iROD has come to be known for.  Once you load the boat with these, you'll never have nothin else.

From: Don: Irod Pro Staffer: Paducah, KY

Comments: Just got my 7mh so light and very sensitive to be honest never try these rods cos you will throw away all other rods and once you pick one you will never put it down. Good job cant wait to try them in Africa for some really large mouth bass

From: Chris: UK

Comments: These rods are super tip heavy. My arm got tired after fishing with my 7'4 mag medium. I sold mine and got myself a Powell. Much better rod and much better quality. I'd rather fish with an ugly stick than an irod.

From: John: SoCal

Comments: The gabes rip rap special is a beast! Handles fish really well. Super soft tip but the backbone really kicks in at about the 6th guide. Awesome small to medium crankin rod. Super sick and light!

From: Tuan: San Jose, CA

Comments: The Rip Rap Special has the most sensitive crank bait blank I've ever felt. It has a soft tip that's perfect for keeping fish pinned on treble hook baits. After about the first foot and a half the rod completely shuts of allowing you to control the fish once it's hooked. This rod has the benefits of a parabolic glass rod without the setbacks, making it the perfect rod for small to medium sized crank baits.

From: Mark: Menifee, CA

Comments: just got my punch rod in and it is sweet!! Has a lot of backbone to yank those fish out of cover. Already caught a few decent fish on it and handled well

From: Jonathan: FL

Comments: Flat out AWESOME rod. It's one of those rods where you fish it and it just feels right. That's how it is with my JR Swim. First time with this rod and I fell in love, amazing at how it felt.

From: Boogieman, CA Delta

Comments: I have the Punch Rod and Jr. Swim rod.

   The Jr. Swimbait rod is stout enough to handle the big swimbaits with ease. It is a super light-weight rod for it's size, but has the backbone to man-handle the meanest bass you'll ever come across. The first fish I caught on this rod was a 6lb, 27in. red fish (red drum). On regular tackle, it would take 10-15 min. to land that fish. This iRod had that red in the boat in no time!

   The Punch Rod is a beast! It's not even fair for the fish. They can't even hide in the thickest cattails or grass beds. This rod will put them in the boat in a hurry. Just follow Bub's instructions on the hook set. It does matter! I have caught more fish on this rod than any other rod this year! I can easily lift a 5-pounder straight up out of the cattails, and set it down in the boat. Like I said, it's not even fair. If you like punching, you have got to get a Punch Rod!

From: Steven: San Antonio, TX

Comments: these rods are sick!!! loomis dosent even compare to this rod! and did i forget the price? for the money you cant beat this rod

From: Nick: San Jose, CA

Comments: I have two Bubs punch rods, Freds frog rod ,riprap special,7'hvy, 7'medhvy and a 7'4"mag medium I traded my Gloomis frog rod NRX's and a GLX in after buying these. for the money they are hard to beat I fish the potomac river extensively from May-October and these rods fit the potomacs top tactics to a T

From: Ron: Potomac River

Comments: Got two rods and I loved them, but I find they don't take a beating very well. I fish a lot and have had problems with both rod reel seats coming apart. I was fishing a 3/4oz jig set the hook, and snapped my 7'0 MH rod clean in half. I haven't had these rods more then a full season and they seem to be toast.

From: Justin: New Hampshire

Comments: I got the punch rod and I use and abuse this rod in the cali delta. Great rod...I'll be getting the 744 next...Oh..customer service is great ..I called and Matt Newman answered all my questions...thanks Matt..

From: Thao: 707 California

Comments: Got the Punch Rod = loved it so much i picked up the frog rod = Love it even more! this thing wings my frogs a mile.  these rods just feel great in my hands.  Both had slight blemish imperfections that i contacted Irod about and they offered to replace both, great service offered but they are small visual things that dont impact usage at all so i kept them.  love these rods

From: D2: PA

Comments: have punch rod and 7foot rod love them both the 7foot rod worked perfictly on a 7lber and the punch rod is just great

From: Travis: WA

Comments: Got the 7'5" Fred's Frog Stick, and finally got to use it this past week, as it was the opening of bass season up here in Canada. I was very impressed with how the rod performed. It has just the right amount of tip to launch the frog a mile, and it allows you to place the frog very accurately. It handled 4lbs bass in all the junk with ease. Awesome Rod.

From: Cole: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I have a 7 Hvy, good action, but the assembly of the guides and the resin does remain puzzled.

From: Emanuele, Italy

Comments: Bubs rod is bad ass. As a seasoned Matt Flipper it is perfect.

From: Todd: Potomac River, US

Comments: Awesome rods!!!

From: Chris: Earth

Comments: Got the 7' Heavy rod and is exactly what they said, "lightweight and comfortable".  Mine is combined with a lews reel and I love it. Nice fast tip with good back bone. I say this 7' heavy action rod feels lighter than most same length and action rods on the market..IMO

From: LH: Sacto, CA

Comments: Called iROD and spoke with Matt. Nice to talk to someone right away. He answered all questions and was very helpful. Will definitely be dealing more with this company. Great customer service with these rods. Thanks

From: Ryan: Chico, CA

Comments: Got the jumbo swimbait rod and the action is perfect for big heavy plugs like BBZ-1 and Lunker Plunkers.  However the eva had epoxy on it and some of the guides had flex coat on the rings.  Maybe it was just that rod and not all of them.  For the money it is a good rod but would recommend spending more and getting something more high quality.  

From: Jig Fisher: So Cal

Comments: I got the Punchin rod and I love it its very light and the tip is soft so you dont rip the hook out of the fishes mouth Its a great rod thaks

From: Jesse: Elk Grove, CA 

Comments: Got the punch rod and I like it so far. Very light with a soft tip. Caught a few on it. So far so good.

From: Keith: Valdosta, GA

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