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Lunker City Belly Weight - $2.49 to $2.99

New from Lunker City Fishing Specialties — the revolutionary, patented Belly Weight allows the angler to add weight directly to hooks, spinnerbaits, jigs, etc., on the fly, as conditions dictate.

* Add or change weight in seconds!
* Can easily be added after plastic lure is threaded on hook.
* No need to retie when conditions call for a different weight.
* Weight position under hook balances lures and acts as a keel.

Try using a dab of Super Glue on the rubber stopper to keep the weight from sliding down the shank

Size Quantity
1/16-3/16oz 5
1/4-1/2oz 4

Comments: Not the best belly weight I have tried. It deasn't always stay straight on your hook specialy the heavy weight but the small one are good i reccomend the small one but stay away from the heavy weight because.

From: Nowhere guy:

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Lunker City Belly Weight

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Lunker City Belly Weight 1/16 $2.49 5+
Lunker City Belly Weight 1/4 $2.49 5+
Lunker City Belly Weight 3/8 $2.99 5+
Lunker City Belly Weight 1/8 $2.49 5+
Lunker City Belly Weight 3/16 $2.49 5+