Lake Fork Weedless Wacky Hook & Weight System 2pk

The Lake Fork Weedless Wacky Hook & Weight System features a custom wire weedguard for increased weedlessness, as well as, a small 1/32-oz weight toward the eye of the hook shank, which generates a more realistic fall and balanced presentation. In addition, the specially designed circular weight with a strategically placed hook slot allows you to rig your bait precisely, while also helping to prolong the life your soft plastic. Available in multiple weights and sizes, the Lake Fork Weedless Wacky Hook & Weight System is an innovative solution for fishing one of the most popular bass fishing presentations around.

Lake Fork Hyper Whack N Worm

Stick Baits

Weight Hook Ring Diameter Quantity
1/16oz #2 Small 2
1/8oz #2 Small 2
1/8oz #1 Large 2
3/16oz #1 Large 2

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Lake Fork Weedless Wky Hook & Weight 1/16 Small $4.99 5+
Lake Fork Weedless Wky Hook & Weight 1/8 Small $4.99 5+
Lake Fork Weedless Wky Hook & Weight 1/8 Large $4.99 5+
Lake Fork Weedless Wky Hook & Weight 3/16 Large $4.99 02/04

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Let me start by saying that these are great weighted rigs.. they function great, have caught 6 inchers and 6 pounders on this set up, very few fish have gotten off. But this bitch is far from weedless. If theres a submerged tree or piece of wood around, you'll find it! Besides that it's great

From: Jake: Dover, DE 4/15/14

Comments: This is a great package for the new "SINISTER WACKY WORMS", as if Lake Fork saw the new "SINITERS" and designed the wacky weigh system just for "THE MOST UNIVERSAL BAIT ON THE PLANET" the new "SINISTER WACKY WORMS". This new wacky worm is awsom and I can't wait to use the lake fork wacky weight system on the "SINISTERS" in the Ca.Delta !!! it's the icing on a cake !!! what a complement to the new "SINISTER WACKY WORMS" "WOW"!!! With the new "SINISTERS" and the Lake fork wacky weight system, this combo, with out a doubt, will be the next and most effective way to wacky rig you will ever use.  

From: Danny: Delta, CA

Comments: Cannot comment on their "on the water" effectiveness yet (although there's no doubt they will catch fish as sure as any wacky rig does), I can say that it's a very cool and innovative design. It's a quality hook. The weedguard is sturdy but not at all too sturdy and not at all too 'flimsy'. The hooks a pretty solid wire for a wacky hook. As for the "small diameter" and "large diameter" (as I was confused on which to purchase and couldn't find any info on the site about worm references/what type of worms they'd fit, I imagine there's others curious as well), they are not too much different in diamater at all. The small diameter is not rly "small"...these are NOT going to fit on narrow inchy wacky worms like a damiki kaiser or a roboworm ST or zoom swamp crawler. The "small diameter" fit nice and SNUG on a 5" GYCB senko was quite snug but not too much. I preferred it over the large diameter which also fits the 5" senko well but slides over more easily. Either one will work with whatever bait you're using pretty much, but if you're using something wider than ur standard 5" senko like a Damiki Hot Dog, or a Wave Worm Bamboo Stick, then I suggest you go with the large diameter. But I am not 100% sure they'd fit baits of those widths, but I think it would. But the small diameter will NOT fit any slim worms and the large won't fit anything REAL fat...Remember the hook goes thru the worm and the weight so regardless, the weight is held in place/pegged in spot by the hook itself so it's not the end of the world if it's a bit loose but they can fit most medium width stuff.

From: Tanner: Westport, Massachusetts, USA

Comments: This is a fantastic setup for wacky rigs. The weed guard is just stiff enough to keep slop of the hook but flexible enough for good hooksets. The weighted collar really helps prolong the life of the senko to. At first I thought the collar would interfere with hooksets but so far it has not been a issue. If your new to wacky rigs I highly recommend these hooks to get you started.

From: Jesse: WV

Comments:  I have always rigged wacky style with jigs or weightless.  I tried these and was very impressed  They do the job beautifully.

From: Dean: Apple Valley, MN

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