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Designed with the tournament bass angler and avid fisherman in mind, the Shimano Metanium Casting Reel delivers versatile, lightweight performance for a wide range of freshwater applications. Its ergonomic Magnesium frame keeps it at just 6oz (6.2oz for XG model) and Shimano’s Micro Module Gear System, X-Ship gear construction and SVS Infinity Cast Control System combine to deliver ultra smooth functioning, incredible torque, and greatly improved casting capabilities.

Offering impossibly smooth retrieves and increased efficiency, Shimano’s advanced Micro Module Gear System utilizes smaller teeth and more of them on each gear. This provides more contact points between the drive gear and pinion gear, and combined with the Metanium’s X-Ship gear construction helps the gears maintain proper alignment and better handling, especially under heavy loads.

Shimano’s newest innovation in brake system technology - SVS Infinity - also enhances casting accuracy and increases casting distance, especially when using lighter lures. The external adjustment knob is also in a more convenient position (bottom, left side of reel) for easier one-handed operation. Available in three gear ratios, including a blazing fast 8.5:1 gear ratio, whether you like to flip, throw jerkbaits or drag worms, there is a Shimano Metanium Casting Reel perfect for the task.

Tackle Tour Editors Choice Award
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-Micro Module Gear
-SVS Infinity
-Shielded S-ARB Ball Bearings
-Gear Ratios - 6.2:1 - 7.4:1 - 8.5:1
-Super Stopper II Roller Clutch Bearing
-Dartanium 2 Drag Washers
-MET XG - 96mm Handle with PV Paddle Grips
-Tapered Line Guide
-Escape Hatch
-Cold Forged Aluminum Drag Star
-Septon Handle Grips
-Aluminum Cast Control Knob
-Recessed Reel Seat Foot
-Lightweight Aluminum Drive Gear
-Ultra Lightweight Magnesium Frame
-Magnesium Handle Side Plate
-Carbon Onside Side Plate
-Hagane Body
-Approved for use in Saltwater

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
MET101 Left 6.2:1 6.0 9S A-RB + 1S A-RB 8/140, 10/120 In Stock: 14 $389.97

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best reel in the market. Shimano always on top with durability & quality. This is a sweet looking reel. Besides this reel casting & feeling amazing. It's a freaking beast. The only issue I had with the reel is when I first got it. It was the breaks inside the reel. I felt like I was going break them. Once I fingered it out it was a piece of cake. To be honest all you need is two break tabs on. I've cast anything from 1/16 finesse worms and 1oz top waters on 20 lb braid and 12 lb fluoro. Amazing reel & worth ever dollar.

From: Tino: AZ 2/9/16

Comments: I've used many reels for my tournaments and hands down this is one reel I do not regret buyin. Smoothest most reliable reel Ive ever used. I now own 5 of them and will buy more in the future... by far this reel will be the only reel I use for years to come. Take the time to learn how to use the new braking system. Its very nice and handy when changing lures or windy conditions pick up without having to adjust the inner brakes. You'll be very happy with this reel.

From: Andy: USA 11/20/14

Comments: I haven't spent this much on a reel in several years since my Steez, which cost more but is not a better reel. The new Metanium is a shining example of why Shimano is still the king, even with so many challengers nowadays. The micro module gearing, combined with X-ship virtually eliminates the geary feeling under load that was very evident in older reels such as the Curado E series. The new SVS braking system is great, although I never personally had any complaints about the old VBS system. The difference between this reel and the Steez is the easy set up and non-finicky nature of the brakes. You can spend more time fishing and less time trying to dial it in with every lure and change in wind direction. If you can afford it, GET THIS REEL! You won't regret it!

From: Vanhagar: Wahiawa, HI 8/30/14

Comments: I have been having my Metaniums for a little while now I love them as everyone above stated. I do however have a complaint the rubber piece on both thumb bars fell off. Talk about disappointing after spend nearly $1000 on two reels.

From: Jansen: Houma, LA 7/20/14

Comments: Great reel.  This is among the finest of baitcasters on the market JDM and USDM alike.  I own a steez and I would say that the metanium is as good just not quite as connected or refined.  This reel cast with ease and retrieves as smooth as any reel I have ever owned.  I would recommend this reel to anyone who is willing to bite the bullet and spend 350 on a reel.  I say 350 because you can find it that cheap on sale.  The power this reel exhibits is amazing I bought it for topwater baits but now use it for my crankbaits due to the ease of turning the handle when facing resistance.

From: Eric: Houston, TX 5/15/14

Comments: I've had the Metanium HG version for about four weeks now and cant put it down. Mated with a G.Loomis GLX JWR rod I can't even begin to tell just you how smooth and near perfectly balanced it is. Reel needs cleaning right out of the box, it's packed with grease in just about everywhere. Once I cleaned the extra grease and washed the spool bearings in some pure acetone, free-spool is well over a minute!(So long Hedgehogs!)no need for upgraded bearings because this reel SAILS anything you want to throw. Anything you want to cast, any technique, this reel allows you to adjust around the elements and the lure you're using and fish without the problem and headache of constant overrun problems. Do yourself a favour and if you are thinking about this reel, think no longer. don't go for the cheaper alternative and regret what could have been, get a Metanium!

From: SirBass: Tampa, FL 4/15/14

Comments: I bought 3 of these after buying the 1st one. Absolute amazing! Smoothest reel I ever picked up. Most money I ever spent on baitcasters. But after testing the 1st one went ahead pick up 2 other gear ratios. Shimano made a fine product and couldn't be happier. If you can afford it buy one you won't regret it.

From: Juan: Falcon Lake, TX 3/9/14

Comments: I still cannot believe I got this reel for $314 during TW 25% off Shimano sale they just had a few days ago! I just couldn't pass that up. This reel is a CORE on steroids!! The X SHIP technology is amazing and the quality and attention to detail put into the "higher" end Shimano reels is just superb. This thing is buttery smooth out of the box and you can certainly notice the micro module gearing however since the gear teeth are smaller it will need cleaned more often to prevent build up. Overall I would give this reel a stellar 9/10 mechanically and 10/10 cosmetically it's just down right badass looking. Not to mention this reel will smoke the doors off any Abu on the market from the MGX to MGXtreme they don't stand a chance!

From: CJV: PA

Comments: Got the JDM Metanium HG paired with a NRX 853C, well balanced, light weight, casts far. No Regrets buying a reel at this price.

From: Saint Paul, MN

Comments: One word!!! It's awesome!! Got the 8.5 paired with dobyn 745. Blazing fast. I wish the manual was in English.

From: Jack: Temecula

Comments: Got a JDM Metanium XG to use for the summer 2013 season. This thing is absurdly good. Blazing speed covers the dead water back to the boat for jigs/plastics. Great consistent drag, and the casting distance is exceptional. You will not be disappointed with this reel.

From: Ian: MN

Comments: i bought this when it was available only in japan, and its a great reel.

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