Owner Shakey Ultrahead 4pk

The Shaky Head features Owner's TwistLOCK "Centering-Pin-Spring" (CPS - Patent Pending) molded into the lead. Small diameter finesse baits can be "permanently" secured by inserting the pin in the center of the nose of the soft plastic, which can then be twisted (Screwed) onto the TwistLOCK coil spring to rig perfectly every time! Ideal for weedless-style Texas Rig'n, and on the bottom, contoured jig head "rocks" forward to present baits in a tantalizing nose-down position. Round bend, light wire hook has a 45° cross eye, Super Needle Point and a black chrome finish. All weights come with a 4/0 hook and 4 per pack.

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    Model No. 5151BR-014
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16oz 5+ $4.69
    3/32oz 5+ $4.69
    1/8oz 5+ $4.69
    3/16oz 5+ $4.99
    1/4oz 5+ $4.99
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    Model No. 5151GP-014
    Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16oz 5+ $4.69
    3/32oz 5+ $4.69
    1/8oz 5+ $4.69
    3/16oz 5+ $4.99
    1/4oz 5+ $4.99
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    Model No. 5151-014
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16oz 5+ $4.49
    3/32oz 5+ $4.49
    1/8oz 5+ $4.69
    3/16oz 5+ $4.49
    1/4oz 5+ $4.49
    3/8oz 5+ $5.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I fish a lot of structure with these. These owner Shakey heads come thru roots, branches, rocks without getting snagged. I always have one rigged and ready to go! I may have gotten a few bad batches, but lately the hook is opening up. Lost a couple of 3-4lb bass when the hook opened and they came unbuttoned. I will keep buying these unless it continues.

From: Donnie: Louisiana 2/16/17

Comments: Shaky head fishing is my favorite style and I have been doing it for years. I have tried many shaky heads and this Owner is the best. The centering pin lines you up, the spring secures the bait, and the larger hook(4/0) catches everything that bites. Have caught bass up to 7 lbs. on it. Just the best in my opinion.

From: Don: Fort Worth Texas 1/24/17

Comments: Like everyone has said best shakey headon the market never lost one fish and perfect for roboworms and craws 1/8 oz  if i had 2 lures in my boat this would be #1 and #2 the almighty jig smallies lovem 

From: Tommy: Knoxville. TN 11/28/16

Comments: I hardly ever write reviews for anything but these shakey heads are awesome. I've never used another jig head that has a hook this sharp and the screw lock with the center pin keeps your worms super straight. I've caught many spots and largemouth in anywhere from 4ft to 30 ft on the 1/4 ounce. If you're looking for the best finesse shakey head on the market this is it.

From: Colby: Tuscaloosa, AL 11/14/16

Comments: These things are legit, I only use these or the SK shakey heads. Caught eight one day on these and didn't miss a single fish, great hook up ratio!

From: Mason: Knoxville, TN 5/25/16

Comments: These things are incredible. Easy to rig, easy to fish, easy to get addicted to using. The hooks are sharp enough to be used on bfs or spinning tackle yet strong enough for a jig setup. I just rig it up with a 6" roboworm, flick it out there, work it a variety of ways & when I feel the bite or see the line jump I just let em take it & then let em have it. Either a quick pop or a sweeping hookset will get the job done & the rest is up to you. You want numbers and quality? This shakey head is the way to go.

From: Tony: Yukon, OK 10/28/15

Comments: outstanding shakyhead. I've use these for about a year and 1/2 and it is my go to shakyhead. It is the shakyhead head that you draw out as having everything you need. Perfect eye angle, hook size and angle, screw lock with the cps system, and head shape.if your lookin for a perfect shakyhead but this one.

From: Trey: Mobile, AL 6/13/15

Comments: Best shakey head I have ever thrown. I buy the lead and paint them myself with CS powder coat green pumpkin, done deal. Owner's version of green pumpkin is not good. Granny apple green is not green pumpkin.

From: Sean: Washoe Valley, NV 11/20/14

Comments: Ive owned alot of shakey heads, its really where I got my feet wet in bass fishing. This jig head has every single component you could want in a shakey head. Perfect head shape, great hook, great hook angle, the center pin design cant be beat. I for one will never get another shakey head after using these.

From: John: Richmond, VA

Comments: Fished this for the first time today and it so sweet.  Typical Owner quality thruout and that centering pin will have you threadin' plastics on that hook like Magic Johnson threadin' passes on the court.  They work ... so grab a pack of 'em.  I doubt you'll regret the expenditure.  Enjoy.  A+

From: RC: FW, TX

Comments: Believe the hype--these things are great.  Only shaky head jig you need.  Great hooks, durable paint, excellent keeper.  Put on a Roboworm or a Smallie Beaver and you're in business.

From: John: Stockton, CA

Comments: You're a fool if you're not using this shakey head. Best shakey head on the market, hands down. Strong hook, awesome keeper, and great paintjob. Definitely will be buying more, I need some in Brown. Been loving the 1/8 ounce Green Pumpkin for anything shallower than 10 feet.

From: Zach: Blacksburg, VA

Comments: My bait rarely ever pulls off of this shaky head jig.  I really like how the center pin helps keep the bait in line when twisting a worm or grub onto it - plus the hook is sharp.  Buy it, you won't regret it.

From: Rudy: Fresno Area, CA

Comments: best shaky jead jigs in market now, i love cps, no more guessing where its gonna end up with other screws

From: Tyler: Baltimore, MD

Comments: Its hard to use any other shakey head when i'm catching 5+ 2-3lb avg smallmouths and one 5.2lb in one evening. I like the 1/8 green pumpkin color on a All Terrain GRN. pumpkin senko for the whole year!

From: Mark: MN

Comments: Like stated before the best Shakey Head made hands down. IMO

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: By far the best Shakey Head on the planet.  I will never buy another brand--unless Owner screws with this one.

From: Kenny: Navarre, FL

Comments: I have tried a bunch and ended with this. I am done searching because this IS the best.

From: David: AR

Comments: This is one of if not the best shaky head jig out.

From: Paul: Chesapeake Bay, MD

Comments: All i can say is WORLDS BEST SHAKY HEAD!!!!!!!!!

From: John: Batesville, IN

Comments: This is my go to shakey head.  I have used others because I couldn't get any of these and it cost me lots of money.  Strong hook and easy rigging with great action.  What else do you need?

From: Matt: Broken Arrow, OK

Comments: If you fish a shaky head jig, this is flat-out the only one to buy. the centering pin on the spring keeper is great and take's the guess work out of attaching the bait's. the hook's are the BEST on the market!

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

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