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After spending 18 months in research and development and accounting for over 2500 bass during testing, Power Tackle presents the Lateral Perch.  Not a swimbait - it’s the most realistic jig ever created.

Made to sink on its side like a wounded bream.  On the fall with a slack line, the Lateral Perch sinks in a dying spiral, and on a slightly tight line, its specially designed head causes it to glide back and forth, making it irresistible to predatory bass.

It's soft plastic tail trailer is also extremely realistic, complete with thin, lifelike fins - for subtle added action, and the Lateral Perch is constructed using only the finest components available, including a 6/0 Owner hook, as well as an innovative weighting system in its artfully designed head.  Available in multiple sizes and colors, the Power Tackle Lateral Perch is proven to fool bass - with a deadly action all its own.

Suggested Applications:

1/4-oz and 1/2-oz - for depths of 5ft of water or less, including shallow cover and boat docks.

Also offering unreal skipping capabilities. Remember when you were young and skipped flat rocks on the water?  Now you can skip a bream on its side with a hook in it.

3/4-oz and 1-oz - for depths of 5-10 ft in medium/thick cover, grass or trees; or 10-25 ft on rock piles and ledges.

BED FISHING… 1/4, 1/2, 3/4-oz Lateral Perch, your choice, based on weather and depth conditions - you'll be amazed.

1-1/4 oz and 1-3/4 oz - for depths of 10–25 ft in Hydrilla, or all other depths of matted vegetation. Bass cannot take the darting and gliding of the Lateral Perch under the mat.

When you stroke or hop another bait on a ledge, it will just fall straight back to the bottom, when you stroke the Lateral Perch, it glides up to 3 feet to one side, and triggers the most violent, line jumping strikes ever witnessed.

Power Tackle Lateral Perch Replacement Tails

Power Tackle Length Height Weight
Lateral Perch 3-3/4" 1-3/4" 1/4 to 1-3/4oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Alright ! I have had 3 of these baits for over a year and never caught a thing on it. But Last week I wanted to clean out some of my tackle boxes to make them lighter and came across this bait. As I held it thinking about what a waste of money this thing was the light bulb went off. I took a razor blade and cut lines on all the fins of the bait given it a tassell look . I dropped it in my fish tank and the slits I cut made the fins move in a natural way. I then took it out to the lake at the park . Boom third cast caught a nice 2 lbser. then 10 cast later caught another pushing 2lbs. Cutting the slits gave it more action as it sat at rest. Try it ! It can't hurt if you haven't caught anything on it yet. Also I took the other two and cut thinner and more slits in them.

From: Debeaux

Comments: Used this bait for vertical jigging out of my kayakm and it jas produced some fish including a 19in LMB. I know its not really for vertical jigging but i figured id give it a shot. Tight lines

From: Flipping Irishman: NC

Comments: These things stink.  Total failure.  You win some, you lose some, and these are a big loser.  Failed under every possible situation, no bites ever.  I want to slap a power tackle rep for these.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments: Im goin to tell yall that you have to be good to catch fish on it ive been fishing in toledo bend and we have caught many and many of big fish on it.

From: John: Hemphill, TX

Comments: I am with everyone else I fell for the bandwagon also. I have tried dock skipping,flipping,ledge stroking,swimming,bream spawn and bed fishing with it with no sucess I figured bed fishing would be the ticket but they dont even look at it a standard jig or beaver works wonders compared to these

From: VA

Comments: Hmm.. kinda scared to throw this bait now.. oh well, hopefully I have better luck.. mainly gort it to throw it on beds and show em something different, I guess we will see. It looks good tho!

From: Tyler: Fremont, MI

Comments:  This bait does not work well.  I've spent hours throwing it on different lakes to no avail.  Not even a bite!  Don't waste your money on this one.  Regular jigs will produce many times better than these!

From: Tye: TX

Comments: Caches more fisherman than fish.I recieved a 1/4 model as a gift and have yet to get a strike!

From: Chuck: West Monroe, LA

Comments: Have thrown this bait for hours on end at lake fork with only 2 bites. Missed both somehow? Will keep tryin though

From: Texas

Comments: caught a 35lb. soft shell on my first cast, thats it

Comments: Great bed fishing bait. Caught alot of big fish. I have not caught any flipping though.

Comments: Haven't caught a thing yet!  I had high hopes when i bought these. 

Comments: I don't know what kind of 18 month research was put into this bait but bed fish don't want to touch this bait. To anyone that has caught something on this bait, please post some insight....

From: Chris: CA Delta

Comments: WOW!! What a cool bait!! Can't wait until ice-out to start throwing these, I can tell already these are going to bag some nice bass and pike, good quality and sweet paint job on the head of this jig.

From: Mrbond: East Lansing, MI

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