River2Sea Bumbershoot

Developed by Elite Series Pro John Murray, the revolutionary River2Sea Bumbershoot is an innovative umbrella rig that’s sure to become a favorite among anglers.  What makes the Bumbershoot so special? The collapsible twist lock design permits the arms of the rig to be raised and lowered for easy storing without compromising performance. The threaded “C” lock design spreads the heavy gauge stainless steel arms back to their optimum positioning when engaged.  The Bumbershoot is also festooned with four extra thin willow spinner blades that emit a distinct vibration pattern. In addition, the Bumbershoot’s well-engineered design also allows for the arms to be removed and/or replaced with a simple twist of a Philips-head. As an added bonus the rig also comes with replacement arms and one River2Sea Rig Walker Swimbait, designed to work specifically with the Bumbershoot. A culmination of durable components and inventive design, the River2Sea Bumbershoot is a creative and deadly tool for tackling suspended bass.

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged umbrella rig is illegal in some States.

River2Sea  Wire Length
Bumbershoot  7"

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Customer Reviews

Comments: the blades fall off and they don't even spin I cut each arm off and put a metal folding clevas back on with quality willow blades and soderd back the bend .

From: Mike: hoffman est il usa

Comments: I bought one it is not worth the money. The blades will fall off the clips they used to hold them on. They send two extra because they know what is going to happen.

From: Tommy: Dequeen, AR

Comments: I usually fish a small 3 to 5 acre pond and have had luck catching fish out of it with this lure. Make sure that you are using anything above 20lb braided test, the rig with all the swim baits and jibs is easily two ounces. Also, the splash is huge when the rig hits the water. So finesse casting is key

From: Rob

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