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Sunline proudly introduces the newest edition of Shooter Fluorocarbon. Built in an effort to create a line that's useful in all applications, the Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon is now available in an even wider range of sizes. The difficulty in creating a fishing line that’s exactly the same across a broad range of sizes is consistency. In response to this challenge, Sunline made three precisely formulated versions of the Shooter Fluorocarbon, each one tailored to techniques associated with its range of sizes - Finesse Special, Marionette Special and the Power Special. All three fishing lines retain the characteristics that have made Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon so popular: little-to-no memory, low underwater visibility, and an amazing castability. In addition to these key features, each version has been enhanced with attributes that improve performance in their specific tests and line diameters. From the lightest finesse techniques to the toughest power applications, Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon has you covered. 

Finesse Special (7-9lbs): With an extra 3% of stretch and a special abrasion-resistant coating, the Finesse Special gives anglers peace of mind when handling a bigger fish. Built with incredible knot strength, the Finesse Special delivers an enhanced sensitivity and the ability to detect the faintest of bites. A small line with a big bite, the Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon Finesse Special is perfect for finesse applications like dropshotting.

Line Diameter 7lb 8lb 9lb
Inches .0086 .0092 .0097
Millimeters .219 .235 .248

Marionette Special (10-20lbs): Same formula as the original Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon, the Marionette Special offers anglers a well-rounded line for a variety of applications. Perfect for fishing a jig or smaller swimbaits, the Marionette Special offers incredible knot strength, as well as, an amazing straight strength. The ultimate combination of sensitivity and abrasion resistance, the Marionette Special will get the job done in a variety of conditions. 

Line Diameter 10lb 12lb 14lb 16lb 18lb 20lb
Inches .0102 .0112 .0122 .0129 .0138 .0146
Millimeters .260 .285 .310 .330 .350 .370

Power Special (22-30lbs): A small increase in stretch gives the Power Special more shock absorbency when flipping or throwing big swimbaits. Built with beefed up abrasion resistance and an unmatched durability, the Power Special is perfect for horsing big ones out of timber and heavy cover.

Line Diameter 22lb 25lb 30lb
Inches .0159 .0171 .0185
Millimeters .405 .435 .470

Comments: I have bought some 14lb line 3 days ago. Super sensitive, super strong, cast like butter, little stretch, glow through the water with ease. First time I took it out caught a few decent bass. While using my jerkbait I hooked up to a 20+ pound carp. Handle it well. I didn't worried about the line breaking or rod breaking. The day after I foul hook another 20+ pound carp. No problem when bringing in that carp. Pricy but well worth it.

From: Sai: Fresno, CA 3/2/14

Comments: Very durable...I use it as a leader line with braid..tried all others this is the best by far except for the price.

From: CL: MI

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Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon

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Sunline Shooter "Finesse Special" Fluoro 7lb 109yd $34.99 5+
Sunline Shooter "Finesse Special" Fluoro 8lb 109yd $34.99 5+
Sunline Shooter "Finesse Special" Fluoro 9lb 109yd $34.99 5
Sunline Shooter "Marionette Special" Fluoro 10lb 164yd $34.99 5+
Sunline Shooter "Marionette Special" Fluoro 12lb 164yd $34.99 5+
Sunline Shooter "Marionette Special" Fluoro 14lb 164yd $38.99 5+
Sunline Shooter "Marionette Special" Fluoro 16lb 164yd $38.99 5+
Sunline Shooter "Marionette Special" Fluoro 18lb 164yd $38.99 5+
Sunline Shooter "Marionette Special" Fluoro 20lb 164yd $38.99 5+
Sunline Shooter "Power Special" Fluoro 22lb 110yd $38.99 5+
Sunline Shooter "Power Special" Fluoro 25lb 110yd $38.99 5+
Sunline Shooter "Power Special" Fluoro 30lb 109yd $38.99 5+