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2009 ICAST Winner for the Best of Show - Freshwater Reel Category

Featuring Shimano's revolutionary CI4 material technology, the Shimano Stradic CI4 Spinning Reel delivers unrivaled strength and lightweight precision. Ultimately reinforced carbon fiber, the CI stands for "Carbon Infusion" and the 4 refers to the number of electrons in the Carbon atom. Over one and a half times stronger than Shimano's normal graphite and more than 20% lighter as well, the advanced reinforced carbon fiber is used in the Stradic CI4's Frame, Sideplate and Rotor construction. This, in addition to providing strength and reducing weight, creates a solid base of operations and helps ensure all moving parts are in line and functioning smoothly. Because it does not contain metal, the reinforced carbon fiber is also impervious to rust providing anglers with maximum durability.

All of the Stradic CI4 Spinning Reel's internal systems and components also feature Shimano's latest designs, including the Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement for retaining that out-of-the-box smoothness. In addition, the Fluidrive II system enhances the extremely tight gear tolerances, maximizing tooth contact and thus increasing the efficiency of retrieves. The reel also makes use of the complete spectrum of features within Shimano's Propulsion Line Management System, as well as, the Aerowrap II Oscillation system for preventing line twists, backlash and wind knots from forming. Approved for use in saltwater, the Stradic CI4 features a Waterproof Drag for consistently hefty stopping power regardless of where you are fishing. Perfect for light-line and finesse fishing applications, the Stradic CI4 Spinning Reel provides the ultimate in spinning reel performance.

**Stadic CI4 Microline 1000FML - Specialized for use with very small diameter braided lines. The spool is optimized to hold 150-yds of 4lb braid.

Tackle Tour Editors Choice Award
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2009 ICAST Winner for Best of Show in the Freshwater Reel Category. The Shimano CI4 features reinforced carbon fiber technology and Shimano's most advanced features, providing the ultimate in lightweight spinning reel performance.

- Ultra-lightweight CI4 Frame, Sideplate and Rotor Construction
- Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement
- Propulsion Line Management System: Propulsion Spool Lip, SR One-Piece Bail Wire, Power Roller III, Redesigned Bail Trip, S-Arm Cam
- Aero Wrap II Oscillation
- SR-Concept: SR 3D Gear, SR Handle, SR One-Piece Bail Wire
- S A-RB Ball Bearings
- Aluminum Spool
- S-Concept: S-Rotor, S-Guard, S-Arm Cam
- Machined Aluminum Handle
- Direct Drive Mechanism (Thread In Handle Attachment)
- Round EVA Handle Grip
- WP Drag (Waterproof Drag)
- Maintenance Port
- Fluidrive II
- Floating Shaft
- Dyna-Balance
- Super Stopper II
- Repairable Clicker
- Approved for use in Saltwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This bait is awesome! I threw this in a small creek near a fish hatchery when I first got them and I had a 5lb cutthroat chasing it several times. I see reviews were they say the tail is too rigid but I bought 26 different packages in 3" and 4" length for bass and I handled every single one of them and they all were very limber and seemed like they all are going to swim just like the one I had the fish chasing. I wish they would come out with more of a smelt color though.

From: Quentin: WY

Comments: Verdict is in! I ordered this little reel this spring and commented on a little noise + some felt resistance and had only cast in the yard as ice out hadn't occurred. Paired this reel with a 6'8" Fenwick Elite River Runner, light, for trout and crappie. This reel must ship tight, but my oh my that warm fuzzy feeling it gives me now! Certainly lives up to Shimano standards. Have 8 lb mono spooled on it, Trilene XT, and have fished it for 6 months straight, catching everything from bass to bluegill, crappie and catfish and yes trout. Easily my go to spinning outfit. Casts Mepps #1 & #2 around 20 yards and 3/8 ounce jig heads over 50! Has performed flawlessly to date and gives an excellent account of it's self even when I screw things up. Highly recommend.

From: E: Tuscola, IL. USA

Comments: Got the 1000 size and paired up with a 7 ft med falcon bucoo micro guide rod I use 4 pound test line and catch monster bass every time handles really good and really smooth drag

Comments: Got my 3000 yesterday took it out today for a test run.  This baby cast a mile with 15 lb. Power Pro on the spool, only issue so far is the retrieve is kinda tight, not very comfortable feeling but I did catch a nice bass and it performed beautifully.  Paired it with a Daiwa LT Medium.  Hoping she'll loosen up a bit as time goes by, otherwise I would definitely recommend this reel.

From: Frank: Yuma, Arizona USA

Comments: Bought this reel a week ago from and by far the best spinning reel I have ever how smooth it cast and the drag system..will def be buying another one of the 2500 series..

From: Bassin Mike: Bay Area California USA

Comments: Bar none the best spinning reel for the price. Ive only Shimano spinning reels my whole life for a reason. Ive tried them from Steez to Patriarch and none match to me. I hate to see Shimano discontinue such a good reel.

From: Mike: NormanPark Ga

Comments: I was debating between this reel and the patriarch and I made the right choice. Later i purchased the patriarch and compared to the ci4 its just isn't as good; its good just not the same. Don't let the ball bearing and weight of the patriarch fool you. Truly the best spinning reel for any application.

From: Ryan: USA

Comments: I recommend this spinning reel too anyone that is looking for a dependable reel it's a lot of bang for your buck and believe me when you fish it you'll see what I mean...... :)

From: Michael: yakima wa

Comments: I have the 1000 model and it is fantastic for super light lines and drop shotting.  Super smooth, light, and mine is very very silent! It also has an excellent drag. It is very smooth and has a broad range...

From: Andrew: Traverse City, MI, US

Comments: I got mine over the winter and also thought it was tight but after catching a few fish I love it paired mine with a 6'6" falcon boocu micro Gide rod so light its unbelievable and I can feel a smallie breath on my tubes

From: Rob: VA

Comments: I have caught so many fish on this reel in the past 8 months, I have never had any issues at all, reel stays flawless even in the pouring rain, drag is great on controlling fish this reel is my standard now for spinning reels. once you play with the best you never go back

From: Tyler: Orange County, CA

Comments: I have 3 Cl4's and absolutely love this reel.  I use a combination of the C14 with a Cumara medium heavy 6'8" rod and fish for smallmouth bass.  This reel is smooth.

From: Judy: Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Comments: Very amazing fishing reel, Got the 2500 and I put 15lb Braid Tuf Line on it to use for finesse fishing. I paired it with 6'8 Carbonlite rod and the rod itself feels very light. What I love about it is the drag system which you can make the adjustment.

From: Burke: Greenbelt, MD

Comments: some comments on initial noise and smoothness.  Agree w/ Tom from NJ.  Both CI4300s improved over time over time; even better after applying the shimano oil after 6 mo. Retrieves are very smooth and drag noise more muted.  Not sure but maybe the reel is so light that anglers notice a subtle "break-in" period which is masked by a heavier product.  In my novice opinion, light line drag performance is great for the price and it pairs up great with the GLoomis/NRX shaky and dropshot rods and 8lb Flouro.

From: Darin: Georgetown, TX

Comments: Just received my tackle shipment from tacklewarehouse and have to say I expected a little less noise from a $200.00 Shimano reel. Plus I can feel a little resistance along with the noise, when reeling and not the butter-smooth feeling I was anticipating. I have not used this little 2500 yet so my final verdict is out, however I am not one to tolerate ANY deficiency in my fishing gear! Confidence is key in fishing and one's equipment must provide such. I have this reel paired with a Fenwick river runner elite light 6'8" rod specifically for rainbow trout. Hopefully, having used Shimano reels since 1985, this unit will have the expected results, I will leave a complete field review later this spring.

From: Eric: Tuscola, IL

Comments: I use the 1000 for dropshotting with a 7' ML rod with Sufix braid, what an amazing set up.

From: Clyde: ID

Comments: love this little reels i got two of then  1000fml and 4000 ..shimano is the best company ..their customer service is fantastic ...they will take care of you ...will never buy any reel from another company...

From: Jo: LA, CA

Comments: Own 2 of these, both 2500 models. Seem to get smoother with age. I use the oil that comes with these about every month or so during bass season and both are smoother now then when I bought them 2 years ago. Drag is still outstanding after 2 years use. No regrets with these. I do plan on trying the new Okuma lightweight, high speed spins when released but as I mentioned, no regrets with these.

From: Tom: Somers Point, NJ

Comments: just got it. super smooth, incredibly light and i cant wait to use it

From: Matt: Naperville, IL

Comments: i have owned this reel since it came out and i have loved it ever since! i have caught up to a 8lb bass up north and this reel handles fish that sized perfectly. surprisingly light. i have it on the 7' 1" g-loomis nrx and all i cant say is why spend more for the reel when its hard to top this!

Comments: What an amazing fishing reel!  I bought the 2500 and I put 7lb Sinper FC on it to use for finesse fishing.  The reel is so smooth, and light.  I just can't get over how light this reel is!  I paired it with a little older Shimano Crucial rod and the rod itself feels different after being paired with a much heavier reel for the last few years.  The thing I like the most is the drag system.  I love being able to change the drag by .2lb increments, it really allows you to fine tune the drag depending on how and what I'm fishing for.  This is my new go to spinning rod for all species from smaller Brook trout to bigger bass and walleye. 

From: Keegan: IA

Comments: I've been using Shimano reels since 1985 or so.  Last spring, I bought a 2500 model and matched it with a Loomis GL2 M rod to throw grubs at them ole brown fish (smallmouth).  This outfit can be used for crappie fishing as well, but haven't tried it yet. This spring I bought a 3000 model and matched it with a Powell MH rod.  In my first night fishing foray with this outfit, I absolutely TOOLED on the fish.  These reels, when matched properly with good lighweight rods, are the best (for me).

From: Edwin: Nashville, TN

Comments: just got the reel and loved it

From: Joe: Olivehurst, CA

Comments: Super light and a perfect compliment for my St Croix Legend Walleye Live bait rod.  THe whole set up weighs less than 1lb.  This the the second CI4 ive purchased and the only hard part about the choice was between it and the Stradic FJ.  So i bought both.  Still havent decided which i like better.  I saw the other gentlemans review and i believe when you are doing something as right as Shimano is its hard to find fault.  I WISH i was on Shimano's payroll.....

From: W4lleye: Lafayette, IN

Comments: I own three of these and I wish the rest I own was this reel. Its the lightest fastest reel made bar none! I am going to replace my others with this reel as soon as I can.

From: Vince: Jamestown, TN

Comments: My only complaint is that it does not come with a spare spool.  Everything else regarding this reel is nothing short of magnificent.  I have the 3000 paired up with a 7' M Phenix Ultra MBX and this combo is amazingly light.  The action on this reel is smooth as can be.  I own several high end spinning reels by Daiwa and Shimano and I like them all very much.  However, I do believe that Shimano is in a class all by themself.  You can just tell when you get this reel in your hand that it is a Shimano.  They have a distinctive feel to them that is unmistakable and you know you're holding onto a quality product that is well put together.  This reel is a prime example of their quality craftsmanship.

From: Andy: Janesville, WI

Comments: I have had mine for over a year now. I guide and fish in alot of tournaments here in the deep south. I am on the water more than anyone probably has a right to be. They are the best spinning reels out there.

From: Thomas: Birmingham, AL

Comments: Just got one of these for Xmas and paired it with a Loomis Shakey Rod. Feels GREAT to hold, can't wait until March to start using it!

From: Slade: KS

Comments: Best spinning reel ever hands down! It casts a mile and looks good to. Worth every penny

From: Mr. Fisherman: Bass Heaven

Comments: Hmmmmm All I have fished with in the past 20 years has been Shimano, I bought the STCI14-3000 and though it is very light and very sensitive useing suffix 832 8 lbs. line my cast were redused by 25% and I can't figure out why... I have it teamed up with an Abu Garcia 6'6 vendetta rod... (That is probably the problem)
I'll just use my other Shimano reels till i get a crucial rod

From: Chris: Florissant, CO

Comments: Paired it up with a NRX 822S DSR and what a combo!  I never could get used to the foam handle, so I switched it out with a t-style handle off another new model. 

From: Brad: Louisville, KY

Comments: You wont go wrong with this. Super light and smooth and can cast all day without fitigue. Absolutely love it!

From: Tou: Saint Paul, MN

Comments: I Purchased this reel no less then 72 hours ago and couldn't wait to get into it. I started messing around with it right away and noticed the spool was sticking on the spindle half way up approx. 2 full rotations. Much to my dismay I thought shimano had finally dropped the ball. After a full day and a half at the lake with 10 lb test fishing a fluke w/ a scrounger and yankin it  through some tullies, and degobah swamp I got a call from tackle warehouse while fishing they tracked me down from an email I had sent about the issue via cell. Needless to say the problem has resolved itself and the reel seems to be running perfect. The look, feel, and weight of this reel are hands down one of the best I've ever used. Cheers! to the TW guys and the gentleman I spoke to on the phone for being pro-active and checking on a concerned customer. Goes to show sometimes a lil hands on use is all thats needed to find out if youve got an issue or just need to " break " somethign in a little.

From: Jason: Santee, CA

Comments: I just got the Stradict it is damn awesome!!

From: Krescent: Brunei, Darussalm

Comments: Perfect reel for 14lbs braid or lower. Just amazing super lite Drags amazing to THX shimano

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: Perfect spinning reel!Good price,good quality,light & sexy...............

From: Nelz: Malaysia

Comments: Wow super light paired with a g loomis mossyback will not be disappointed

From: J.T.: Indianapolis, IN

Comments: i just caught a big jimmymobo on this awesome reel light sexy an thing you can wish for

From: Michael: Pascagoula, MS

Comments: i just got the reel cast for a mile so smooth its my light weight baby

Comments: Amazingly light reel, sexy, and incredibly functional. I have them on Cumara rods and I can fish with them all day. I pull in some Florida lunkers up to 10lbs with the 2500. Great reels.

From: Brian: Boynton Beach, FL

Comments: Best reel that I have ever fished with.  Extremely light, smooth and can cast a mile.  I fished this reel in a terrential downpour and it was and still is just as smooth as the day it came out of the box.  The drag is consistent and smooth and never slips. Pair this reel with a quality St.  Croix rod and you can't go wrong.  The reel may be pricier than some out there but well worth the money.

From: Jim: Clinton, NY

Comments: looks sexy,good reel,great feel and weight but...some parts on this reel for the price feel a little "cheap" to me and has more/some flex that scares me (telln u that bail is gonna flex n snap one day lol it scares me when its under a load n flexs like crazy) and should not be seen on any reel let alone a $200 one.ill still choose and pick my daiwa sol over this anyday.

From: Sam: The Windy City

Comments: The 42500f is incredible....A must Buy for those 200-400 dollar rods that you been eyeing.... A perfect compliment to St Croix/G-Loomis.   Buy It!

From: Bunker: VA, USA

Comments: I've been fishing Shimano reels for a long time and recently purchased two of these Ci4's.  These are with out a doubt the most smoothest and lightest spinning reels I have ever used.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

From: Christopher: Lexington, KY

Comments: I recently purchased the 2500/Cumara rod combo,  ive fished it  in all weather 100 degree to the single digits its a great preformer in any wheather. So far its as smooth as i got it , with some decent sized baits and light weight line casting up wind you can nearly cast a full spoll. For now its my favorite spinning combo.Good Value for the money.

From: Anthony: Hendersonville, TN

Comments: great reel. have it paired with a cumara like most other people and i love it. very smooth and extremely light in ure hand. never get tired throwing this with 10lb suffix braid. only 16 years old and ive used and own reels that cost more than this but the stradic C14 is my favorite.

From: Zach: Downingtown, PA

Comments: These reels are amazing. Very light and smooth. I have several Daiwa Bradia's and these are right up there with them. I love the faster retrieve ratio and how many inches of line they pick up per handle turn. I just got in the 4000 CI4 and used it yesterday, its great to have a 4000 size reel, with the weight of a regular 2500 sized reel..........simply amazing.

From: Josh: Middle TN, USA

Comments: GREAT reel, loved it ever since i caught my first fish on it the only thing i would change is the handle other than that amazing.

From: Matt: San Diego, CA

Comments:  Had bad experiences with the graphite body reels, but still enjoyed the sensitivity provided by light-weight combos.  So all the new technology or gimicks to improve weight and power has left me with some doubt.  However, early this year I purchased the CI4 2500 and paired it with Carrot Stik gold. This combo is unbelievably light.  Caught plenty of 5+lb bass to prove that combos' light weight equally has the power.   Have since purchased the CI4 3000 and Inshore Carrot Stik and fished with it in the Gulf with the same great results.  So far the new carbon infused and nano nano fiber technology has been a win-win combo for fresh water and inshore fishing.   

From: Bob: Central Texas 

Comments:Bought the 2500, mounted on a Cumara 6'8" Med Xfst Very noisy for a $200 reel. Spool lip allows for some insane long distance casting. Drag is the best I've ever used. Bail closes with moderate force when using the handle, a little more then I would expect. Handle shape threw me off at first, took all of 10 cast for me to fall in love with it. Balance is excellent. Carbon bail flexes a lot when under a load, guess that may be normal. Very light. Alright reel if your a die hard Shimano fan, I'll never own one again. I think Tackle Warehouse is on Shimano's payroll. Their Shimano reviews are extremely exaggerated. Tackle Tour has lost all rep points with me after these 2 extremely disappointing purchases.

From:Jayson: Michigan, USA

Comments:Buy some super glue, because the foam paddle will start sliding over the plastic handle piece toward the crank arm, leaving a good sized gap between it and the red screw on the end, this isn't normal paddle movement. Not an oversight you'd expect from a reel at this price...

From:John: Northern Virginia, USA

Comments:It's hard to imagine how a reel so small and light could hold up to big fish but it does. Well worth the cash! Pair it with the Cumara Rod it will become your favorite rig. Thanks Tackle Tour for the reviews on the reel that convinced me to go for it.

From:Joe: Waupaca, WI

Comments:The best spinning reel that ever made...n looking great...

From:Abugha: Merbok/Kedah, Malaysia

Comments:Great performing and great looking reel. I have two of the 1000's and two of the 2500's are on the way. I love 'em. I also love my Diawa Certates. Great service from Tackle Warehouse as usual.

From:Brian: West Palm Beach, FL

Comments:By far the best spinning reel I've ever had in my hand.

From:Alex: Minneapolis, MN

Comments:Best spinning reel ive ever handled and ive handled plenty. Super light, Looks great, and works like no other. A+

From:Michael: Killeen, TX

Comments:The Best Spinning Reel Ever Made!!! Anybody reading this should buy this reel,super light and handles great! Not only does it look cool, its a very strong reel for its size. Pair this reel up with a Cumara spinning rod which you can get here and you got one sweet set-up! Lands big smallmouth bass with no problem, killer reel to use with a wacky rig or shakyhead rig!

From:Mr. Bond: East Lansing, MI

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