Skirts Unlimited Skirt Making Tool - $3.99

The Skirts Unlimited Skirt Making Tool is the fastest and easiest skirt making tool to use for assembling skirts. With the Skirts Unlimited Skirt Making Tool, skirt making is simple. First, roll the collar up onto the shaft. Second, use the hook to pull the skirting material into the chamber. Third, roll the collar onto the skirting material. Finally, cut tag ends off the skirt to desired length. This compact skirt making tool fits into your pocket, allowing you to match the hatch while on your boat or the bank.

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Skirts Unlimited Skirting Material

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Skirts Unlimited Skirt Making Tool

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Skirts Unlimited Skirt Making Tool $3.99

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Comments: Just received the Skirt making tool...It's so easy a caveman can do it! Making you're own custom colored skirts is fun and brings out your imagination to it's fullest! It's cheap and simple to create your very own designs! So for about 25$ or less you can get started and be on your way to making your own! I've tried with 3 sets, so far, and they have turned out better than I could dream of!

From: Shark: Where Blue Angels Fly!

Comments: Concur with the statement about 4, works great with 3 which gets you about 60 strands (actually 120 when the jig is just hanging).  Overall good product unless you want to make bulky skirts. 

From: Matt

Comments: Works great. A little tight if you try to use 4 sets but works great for 3. A  must have for any bass fisherman.

From: Kentucky, USA

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