The original Secret Weapon designed by aeronautics engineer and Missouri angler Bob Rickard. These Secret Weapon Quickstrike spinnerbaits are engineered and built to last for many years; a rugged lure for anglers who reach back into heavy cover for trophy fish. Free-floating, quick-clip blade attachments make blade reconfiguration a snap. In seconds, without tools, anglers can radically change the sound, speed depth, and flash of their lure. A few bodies and handful of blades yields hundreds of fish catching combinations.

Every Secret Weapon Quickstrike Spinnerbait combines innovative design, bleeding-edge technology, superior materials, and handcrafted beauty. Engineered for performance, built to endure, with versatility that means better value and better results. Feel the difference from the very first cast. Tie one on and be convinced that no finer spinnerbait exists anywhere.

Secret Weapon Willow Spinnerbait blades

Secret Weapon Colorado Spinnerbait blades

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I threw out a junebug quickstrike at the resevoir and 15 minutes into fishing I caught a 4 pounder.  I enjoy the ability to change out blades to see what kind of presentation the bass are after. I don't have any problems with this one getting hung up. I also like how the blades are connected. If a bass hits the blades they will get out of the way fast since they aren't wire and instead he gets the hook.

From: Joe: GA

Comments: Best spinnerbait on the market!  Unlike most other spinnerbaits on the market it always runs true,....no twisting from torque of the blades when burning it, interchangable blades allow ne to customize it as conditions change.  Just a great bait

From: BK: roseville, CA

Comments: Excellent spinnerbaits They run straight, all the blades helicopter  on the fall. And they just catch bass like crazy.  All the blades are interchangeable, You can change the blades to match conditions. Its a lot of fun to fish these lures

From: Casey: Winston, OR

Comments: this spinnerbaitit swims always true, perfect for shallow water presentation

From: Lot: International

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