Delivering a whole new level of versatility, the Tylure Buzzbommer functions like a floating buzzbait. Featuring a large wooden head with huge eyes that rattle and move on the retrieve, a small single-blade prop on its nose, and a three-bladed prop extending from the rear of the bait, the Buzzbommer generates the characteristic buzzbait surface disturbance, while also allowing you to vary your retrieve with stops-and-starts. Solving the age-old problem of a buzzbait's proclivity to sink on the pause, the Tylure Buzzbommer is an innovative and eye-catching lure destined to be a topwater favorite.

Tylure Length Weight Class
Buzzbommer 5" 1-1/2oz Floating

Looking for a smaller, bite-size version? Don't forget to check out the Tylure Buzzbommer Jr.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a sweet night time bait. Everyone is always throwing traditional buzzbaits and i fish right beind them and stick lots o bass. It's a different sound and profile which is what these highly pressured fish want, somethin different. Thanks Tylure.

From: Jimmy: CA

Comments: Tylure products are terrible! Especially this one! Most of their baits fall apart, and usually have some sord of issue, don't track straight, hooks off, or they flat out don't function as well as they say they do.

Comments: IT IS HUGE.  I ordered one and almost laughed when I opened it up.  HUGE.  I would never throw it as I would not have confidence based on its size.  The JR, however I am very excited to toss.  It seems to be a nice tasty size, can't wait to tie it on. 

From: Peter: Cleveland, OH

Comments: Really great looking lure and made with nice hardware. Haven't fished it yet but it's sure to get hammered. I know as I have made lures of similar finish and character and the fish will love this stuff. The paintjob is multi-layered and very detailed. There is many colors used on the bait. The eyes are big and flexible and recessed into the bait. You can push them inward. They are neato! I have used smaller "googly" eyes such as these on home made balsa baits before and they get hammered too. I must say the giant eyes were a great idea! They have enticing action themselves.  The spitting mouth and flapping tail seal the deal. I know I can catch fish on this.

From: Tacklejunkie: CA

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