Delivering a whole new level of versatility - now in a smaller bite-size version - the Tylure Buzzbommer Jr. functions like a floating buzzbait. Featuring a large wooden head with huge eyes that rattle and move on the retrieve, a small single-blade prop on its nose, and a four-bladed prop extending from the rear of the bait, the Buzzbommer Jr. generates the characteristic buzzbait surface disturbance, while also allowing you to vary your retrieve with stops-and-starts. Solving the age-old problem of a buzzbait's proclivity to sink on the pause, the Tylure Buzzbommer Jr. is an innovative and eye-catching lure destined to be a topwater favorite - now in a smaller size.

Tylure Length Weight Class
Buzz Bomber Jr 3" 1-oz Floating

Looking for a bigger version? Don't forget to check out the original Tylure Buzzbommer.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: One of the best lures ever! Caught fish every time I Used it.  Just ordered 2 more due to the last fish Totally destroying it breaking my 8 lb test.

From: Mike: USA / baltimore

Comments: At first I was hesitant of purchasing this bait. It looked odd and really animated but when it arrived I was totally impressed by its durability and originality. I finally fished it today and was totally blown away!!! It can be used at any speed and even stops with its head up. The sound is like no other buzzbait on the market. It brought in plenty of bass and even a couple small stripers. Not too bad for the first time out. Don't hesitate to try this bait. It actually works.

From: Kurt: Los Angeles, Ca

Comments: I purchased the original size lure, and the thing is like a softball...I HAD to return it.  I like this lures size and presentation out of the water...I fished it for the first time last weekend, and I must say I was REALLY disappointed with it.  It is a big chunk of wood, you would expect it to stay afloat...nope, it sinks.  You cannot rip it and pause it, it sinks.  On top of that, when you move it in the water, there is nothing special about it, and the main head rolls, as a matter of fact the whole lure rolls.  It is going up on my cork board for decoration, and out of my tackily box.  Don't waste your money.

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

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