The top-of-the-line reel from Lew’s - one of the originators of the low-profile casting reel back in the 1970’s - the Team Lew’s Speed Spool Casting Reel offers high performance functioning - in a compact, lightweight package.  Ten double-shielded premium stainless steel bearings, housed inside the reel’s solid, one-piece die-cast aluminum frame, furnish consistently smooth casts and retrieves, and a ZeroReverse one-way clutch bearing ensures rock solid hooksets with zero backplay.

Aircraft-grade Duralumin gearing churns out serious winding power, and a rugged carbon composite drag system with audible click star adjustment backs it up with up to 14-lbs of max drag.  A dual magnetic and centrifugal braking system also furnishes complete cast control, whether you are pitching a short distance or casting dead into the wind. Also equipped with Titanium deposition finished aluminum side plates and double anodized red detailing, the high-performance Team Lew’s Speed Spool Casting Reel looks as good as it performs.

Additional Features:

*Aircraft-Grade Duralumin Drilled Spool
*Right-Side Spool Tension Knob with Audible Click
*Lightweight Carbon Bowed Handle with Lew’s Custom Paddle Knobs
*Titanium-Coated Zirconium Line Guide
*Backed by Lew's One-Year Limited Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: amazing reel I've had it for two years now using it for both bass and mainly in saltwater for redfish and speckled trout so far the biggest fish on the reel was a 65 pound black drum and biggest in freshwater was a 13 pound bass best reel for the money i have it on my moller custom rod 7 feet 6 inches medium light and throw anything on it i like it just as much as my shimano curados

From: Matt: Lake Jackson, TX 5/28/14

Comments: Don't let the price of this reel fool you! it is a rocket!

From: Parker: Vandalia, MO

Comments: What more can you say about Lews they are coming back in a big way! I bought the speed spool on a whim and I loved it so much shortly later I bought the Lews team speed spool. I can cast a kvd 1.0 way farther than necessary and I have landed some big hybrids with this reel drag is awesome and you can dail lures in with ease. Plus is so sexy :)

From: Christopher: Fort Worth, TX

Comments: At first i was hesistant to try this reel. I heard lots of great things so i decided to get it. First thoughts out of the box: wow the finish was flawless, the pictures really dont do it justice. The retrieve is so smooth and quiet. Filled it up with some 12 lb suffix and took it for a whirl. I fish inshore here in san diego targetting Spotties, Calicos, the occasional halibut and Sand Bass. I caught my personal best Sand Bass on it. The drag was smooth as velvet, the winding was smooth and had power with every crank, felt like a winch. All said and done, this is a phenomenal reel(not just for the price, in general) it can go toe to toe with curados and more expensive reels. If youre on the fence about getting this reel, DO IT. If this is an "entry level reel" I cant wait to get my hands on some of LEWS higher end stuff. 11/10

From: Gio: San Diego, CA 

Comments: Great reel for the buck, cast far and will cast  the lightest lure.  Caught a 21 inch striper on my first trip with this reel and the striper was no match for this reel.  Love the finish on this reel, will buy more..........

From: Zack: CA

Comments: This is the nicest, best casting, best looking baitcaster on the market.  You cast a lews reel and its hard to go back to your others.  I have never seen a braking system work so well on a reel before.  Two centrifugal brakes on and set magnets on 2 and you can cast anything.  wind picks up just move your magnets up to 7 or 8 and you can cast dead into the wind with no backlash.  I like that.

Comments: love this real Ive got two of them cast better than any of my Abu stuff and smoother will be getting more of this

From: Ross: Greenwood, SC

Comments: This is probably the best pitching reel under $179.99 made. You can place those baits deep in cover right where you want them with ease. I cant recommend this real enough I have to more on the way. A+ for the money.

From: Walker: Maryville, TN

Comments: if you like to throw small crankbaits.this reel is eye shads zoom across the lake with ease.i own many brands of baitcasters.high dollar reels=200$ plus.i now own 9 of these. LOVE EM!!!! when you get the mag.breaking set right they cast like a dream.  only 89.99 and you dont own one. GET ONE!!!

From: Dave: C.C. VA

Comments: I fished. Full season with this reel before I left a comment. Great reel for the money and will be purchasing more of these in the future! Handles light baits very well and I'll be getting another one shortly to put on my new Dobyns 705 cbmf for shallow cranks.

From: Chris: New Haven, CT

Comments: Absolutely awesome reel. I just joined the baitcasting train this summer after years of spinning reels, so I was worried my inexperience at casting would make this purchase a waste of money. Not at all. I went out and chucked spinnerbaits and worms all over the place with this thing, not one backlash. Smooth, powerful, well-built reel. I'll be sticking with Team Lew's from now on.

From: Frank: Central Arkansas

Comments: never used better and ill never change from these

From: Logan: The Bro, IL

Comments: Excellent reel.  I have found the Curado 200 to be a bit too finicky on casting lures of different weights.  I like the magnet of these reels, you can make minor adjustments very easily.  The reel is super smooth, more so than the Curado.

Comments: Awesome Reel.  Picked one up three or four weeks ago and it is absolutely great.  Paired it up with a 7'3 MH Abu Garcia Vendetta and it is a great jig rod.  The combo is very light and and the reel throws absolutely awesome.  I haven't really caught a fish big enough to test out the drag but just from peeling off line it feels pretty smoth.  Overall a great reel and I will definitely be purchasing more to replace some lower end reels.

From: Jake: Greer, SC

Comments: meh, buy 2 tourney pro's for the price of this one reel, you'll be happier and get 2 reels. There's not much advantage (it's a bit shinier) and the tourney pros are incredibly nice and fantastic for the price. Buy this one to impress your friends, or get 2 incredible reels for about the same price and get the same performance.

From: Ryan: MN

Comments: I have two of these along with two of every other Lews baitcaster and they are all by far the best reels I've ever used in my life!! All so light, so smooth, and perfect for fishing tournaments without your hands or arms getting tired. Lew's I've got to hand it to you, you have come from the deep and blown the other competition away!! Keep it up!

From: Brandon: Jefferson City, TN

Comments: I just got my lews speed spool today i wasnt to sure about buying this baitcaster at first but i sure am glad i bought it.  I tested out today and it is a great smooth reel, and im not regreting my choice one bit. i have on a 7 ' MH abu garcia vendetta its a great combo.

From: Christian: MA

Comments: always been a fan of the curado. just jumped ship. this lews reel is light, long casting and smooth. love the paddle handle. bought 2 of them and will be buying more as soon as i sell my curados

From: jmbass: Roanoke, VA

Comments: Bought this reel to replace a Quantum for flipping and pitching paired the 7.1.1 with a Quantum Tour Edition 7'6" flipping stick. I absolutely love it! For under $100 it can't be beat.

From: Keith: WV

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