A scaled down version of the PD Chopper - minus the skirt - the Zappu Mustang Head Jig can be used like a shaky head or for swimming smaller swimbaits and finesse worms in clear water.  On a steady retrieve, it provides the same unpredictable lifelike action as the PD Chopper, and like all Zappu terminal tackle, the Mustang Head is made of 97% tungsten, which is both more advantageous to anglers and environmentally friendly.  Available in a collection of sizes, the Zappu Mustang Head features a broad flat head design, which tapers quickly into a keel-shaped bottom and is responsible for generating its unique hunting and vibrating swimming action, as well as, allowing it to stand straight up when at rest on the lake floor.

“It’s unlike anything else out there.  If you put a lean body worm on it, it’s like candy to a fish.  It’s particularly good for post-spawn bass chilling under boat docks.” - Fred Roumbanis, Bassmaster Elite Series pro.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Pretty much just a little stand-up shakey head. I dont see any wobble action on the retrieve.

From: Jay6: USA

Comments: I've caught bass up to 5#, walleye up to 3# with no problems, no hook straightening out!  BUT, head does/can get loose and too easy to accidently break weedguard off from the head. OUCH~!

From: Floyd: Chicago Heights, IL

Comments: Great concept, BUT the wire hook tends to straighten out with small (2-3#) bass and the hook becomes loose in the tunsten head...not good

From: Cliff: Midland, TX

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