The ZZ Walker from Boze, the same company that makes the famous Sumo Frog, is a soft plastic walking bait that can be fished in any water on the lake. The unique weedless design will get the ZZ Walker over and through the thickest slop and heaviest weedbeds you can find. When you see a patch of clear water in the middle of some nasty grass, you can throw the ZZ Walker without dragging a couple of pounds of salad with you, unlike the classic hardbait style walkers like a Spook or a Sammy.

The ZZ Walker is weighted on the bottom of the tail, making casting easy and upright landings every time. When you start walking the ZZ Walker, it will look like something alive in the water and will pivot on the weight. The ZZ Walker's head will swing wildly back and forth like something desperately trying to get away, and we know bass can't resist if they think something is getting away! The ultra-sharp Owner double hook is situated near the middle of the body and will provide positive hookups when a big bass bites. The big eyeballs sit just above the waterline, just like a real frog or other aquatic animal, providing more realistic attraction. The ZZ Walker comes is a variety of great colors and Tackle Warehouse carries all of them. If bass are chasing shad deep in a stand of reeds or tules, or lurking in holes in the grass, the ZZ Walker could be just the thing to get at them. Be sure to use heavy monofilament or super braid so you can pry the big fish out from their haunts.

Boze Length Weight
ZZ Walker 4" 5/8oz

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: These things have all the properties of a Zara Spook except in a weedless, soft body. I have three of these & all of them set pretty near horizontal on the water & all of them walk the dog over the thickest slop. In open water, the slightest twitch of the rod makes these things turn 90 degrees & glide on their own about a foot.

From: Big John: NY 2/8/16

Comments: As soon as I got it, I took it out for some swimming lessons: At rest, it's about 15 degrees from perfectly horizontal and will work its way through thick vegetation like it was born in it! While it will occasionally stumble a bit, it's generally pretty stable and will outcast any frog in the same weight class. And that Owner hook isn't kidding when a fish grabs this walker! I ran into trouble when large pickerel attacked it and cut my line, leaving me without a spare. Unless Boze quality control is really bad, I just can't figure out how my observations can be so different from Bud's. Anyway, I'm definitely ordering more real soon!

From: Fishingelbow: Quebec 9/9/14

Comments: Balance is way off, sit's straight up and down in the water like an IMA Skimmer - which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Cast's like a helicoptering spinnerbait - not an elegant bait to use in the thick stuff. I would only target sparse cover with this bait, but to be honest - after using it once it now collects dust somewhere deep in my frog box.

From: Bud: Swan Lake, NY

Comments: just used these walking frogs on a grass bed in a river iv fished for years with awesome results..iv caught fish there before on spro frogs but nothing like what these baits produced...if your lookin to catch fish for fun or to fill that tournament bag with big kicker hogs this bait is a must have in your tackle box..ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME!!

From: Justin: North East, MD

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