Gamakatsu EWG Dbl Frog Hooks Black 3pk

Gamakatsu EWG Dbl Frog Hooks Black 3pk

If you're tired of big bass blowing up on your frog and not getting a hook into them, then these specially designed hooks from Gamakatsu just might be the solution. The key to the success of these hooks is the wide gap design that allows the body of the frog to move farther away from the hook points, thus eliminating the main reason you don't hook the fish; the plastic frog body is in the way. The idea may have started on the California Delta where knowledgeable anglers would solder two wide gap hooks together, retrofit their frogs and win tournaments. Now the rest of us can have the same advantage and start turning a higher percentage of bites into hookups. These hooks will fit the Tournament Frogs from Snag Proof and the Sumo Frogs from Nature's Friend. Try some and see if they make a difference.

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Gama EWG Dbl Frog Hooks Black 4/0 3pk $4.49 10+

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Comments: i ordered these for my frogs and when they arrived i had a great idea.  i wacky rigged a gary yamamato worm with it and took it out to a quarrie.  i threw it my the wall and let it sink down and caught twenty in a day including a 3 pounder and a five pounder

From: Luke: FL

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