Owner Flashy Swimmer with CPS 2pk

Owner Flashy Swimmer with CPS 2pk

Featuring a spinner blade attached to a non-moveable weight on the hook shank, the Owner Flashy Swimmer delivers added flash and fish attraction to your favorite soft swimbait, fluke or other swimming soft plastic. A great option for a search bait, the Flashy Swimmer can cover a lot of water in a short amount of time, providing a quality alternative to the standard crankbait or spinnerbait.

In addition to helping your bait get down into the strike zone quickly, the molded weight attached to the hook shank also keels a rigged soft plastic perfectly at fast or slow retrieves. The #3 hammered nickel finish Willow Leaf Blade is also attached to the stationary weight via a dual mini-swivel and wire, allowing the blade to pivot, but keeping it riding horizontal during a steady retrieve. The Owner TwistLOCK Centering-Pin Spring (CPS) makes accurate rigging easier, and once a fish takes notice, the Super Needle Point Hook with a XX-Strong forged shank and open gap, dishes out serious fish penetration and the strength to turn that big girl back to the boat.

2 per pack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Pure awesomeness. Use your imagination with these, the sky is the limit. Your basic run-of-the-mill bass fishermen wont use something like this. if you are looking into these, you are on a different level. Congrats. Save some fish for me.

From: Jay6: USA 9/18/15

Comments: this under spin works! it's a great hooker. I use jackall swim shads (5") with good success on lg mouth bass. it is also a good crappie bait in the 1/o size by itself.

From: Wes: Salinas, CA 5/14/15

Comments: You don't have to worry about these being rugged. I hooked 17 yesterday all on the same head and it still works fine. I was catching fish when no one else could catch anything. I use a Keitech fat as the swimbait. These things glide through the thickest eel grass like nothing. Never hang up. Give them a try you will not be disappointed especially if you have a lot of grass in the lakes you fish.

From: Mike: TX 5/30/14

Comments: This is probably one of my most powerful fishing tools. I was very impressed at the nasty cover this thing could get in and out of (as heavy as 1/4oz weight can get you in). Put on a plastic with good action like an Xzone swammer or Keitech and throw em' anywhere you find fit. The pack may as well have came with only one hook because I still haven't lost one. Very satisfying purchase. Maybe mine were tougher because I only purchased the heavier ones because I've smashed this thing onto a rock after long casts, into people's docks and I've dragged this thing around rocky bottoms plenty of times. Like I said I still have one thats brand new and the one I used has been used very frequently this year (It's been about 3 months and I'm pretty sure I tossed it in once during each of my 7-8 full days of fishing). Not including shorter fishing sessions.

From: Anthony: Toronto, ON, Canada

Comments: smooth. church up your fav bait with this sucka. Goon fish will destroy it...get over it. Why ya think they are always out of stock?

From: mishAp: flashin in my trenchcoat

Comments: I just purchased a couple packs today and the part of the arm that connects to the hook is indeed improved and more durable.  The picture on this site is of the old design.  The new design is twisted and then crimped down to lock it is place. 

From: Carter

Comments: I bought 4 packs today and noticed that they have changed the wire to more of a snap at the top.  If you are worried about the blades coming off I have a suggestion.  I took a power swivel and put it on a Norman quick snap which I connect to the ring on the hook.  I then put the split ring and blade on the end of the power swivel.  No more lost blades and you can upsize the blade if you like.  Few $ sets up several of the hooks.  For tournaments, these hooks are very hard to beat.  They are the best I have used for swimbaits in grass such as swinging hammer, money shad, etc. 

From: Steve: Auburn, AL

Comments: Maybe I'm just lucky based on the previous reviews. But, I have had no problems with these hooks or the spinners. I used them almost exclusively for weeks at a time and caught dozens of fish with them. The only thing that tore up was the bait. Perhaps I got the only two packs that were made right or they shipped out a bunch of defective ones. Either way, I'm buying more right now.

From: Scott: AR

Comments:I was able to catch 1 fish on each hook before the hanging blade fell off. I would not recommend these to anyone. The hook is great, but the flashy aspect of the rig is flimsy and seems like an afterthought. This is not what I've come to expect from Owner.


Comments:Another comment repeating the lack of durability. These are a cool bait, but they are absolute junk! Same scenario as stated below, if you are thinking of purchasing a package my advice is to save your money!


Comments:Gabe's comment echoes similar experience(s) I have had with the Flashy Swimmer. Only after a few fishing outings with the lure, I have had four different instances where the wire/blade has come unattached; forever lost to a watery grave, reducing the flashy swimmer to just a keel weighted hook. Owner usually design's their products with great care and impeccable attention to detail!

Gabe is correct: "it's my opinion that the wire that coils up and connects to the ring needs to coil around a least one more time". A design flaw Owner Inc. needs to acknowledge and fix. Or, start selling packages of these wire/blade attachments so at least I'll have a replacement once the original has fallen off!

From:Matt: Massachusetts, MA

Comments:Blade came off after 1hr of fishing. I worked the bait slow and on the bottom with only a few times knocking into tules. No major hang-ups so I am a little shocked that the entire bottom assembly came undone like that. After taking a closer look at the construction it's my opinion that the wire that coils up and connects to the ring needs to coil around a least one more time.

From:Gabe: Wildomar, CA

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