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If you've torn your thumbnail or cut yourself with your knife trying to pry open a stubborn split ring, then you'll really appreciate these great split ring pliers from Texas Tackle. Texas Tackle used top grade surgical stainless steel for precision and durability, and they completely covered the handles with a slip-resistant, textured plastic grip to ensure maximum control - even when your hands are wet.

Best of all, a spring automatically opens the pliers, so all it takes is one hand on the lure and one hand on the tool to easily remove any split ring. The handy 5-inch size will fit in any tackle box. Called "the world's best split ring pliers" by Saltwater Sportsman Magazine - the Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers. Get a pair today.

Length: 5"

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Highly disappointed given the amount of glowing reviews here which by the way I read before placing my order. So, what's the problem with it? Simply put, the pointed bit of the pliers used for prying open the split ring is just not sharp nor long enough. It was HARD work to get anything open. I only received it today and I am already looking around to buy another pair cos is that bad.

From: Alex: USA 8/11/16

Comments: These are the last pliers you'll ever need for any size split rings you'd use for bass fishing. I've opened some really small ones using them, no problem. Very well made and well worth it.

From: Tony: Yukon, OK 7/9/16

Comments: Hands down the best split ring pliers I've ever owned. Easy to use, compact & great quality. These don't disappoint.

From: Andy: West End, NC 4/2/15

Comments: Best split ring pliers I have used. I keep one in the boat and another in the man cave.

From: Neil: Amarillo,TX

Comments: This plier is astonishing.  It's cheap, well made, and does it's job perfectly.  If you're like me who swap all the trebles on crankbaits, do your self a favor and BUY IT NOW!! You will not regret it!!!

From: Toshiya: IL

Comments:  I've used these for a few years in the midwest & no downside to them. I change out nearly all of my trebles & the function & durability of this tool is flawless. I didn't check to see what part of the country the guy was in that mentioned rust, but mine are kept in my boat in the garage, & haven't shown the slightest hint of rust. You won't be able to spend more, or less, & have a better tool for this application - IMHO. They work better than any other split ring pliers I've ever used & I've turned several friends onto them that agree...

From: Mark: Gardner, KS

Comments: Have owned a pair of these for over 10 years. For the hard bait fisherman that changes out the stock hooks,best investment you will ever make.These are the best made split ring pliers out there. On the comment about them rusting up, how does stanless steel rust?

From: Ronnie: Lake Fork, TX

Comments: These are great pliers, just started changing out my hooks and stuff and thought i was gonna have trouble at first but after like 10 minutes i was changing on and off hooks in like 10 seconds, these work great!

From: Matt: IL

Comments: These are "ok" for a while till they rust up on ya in a short time,save your money guys and look at something else.

From: BK: Ohio

Comments: This is a winner .I have tried other snap ring pliers, these are the only ones you will need.Buy them ,you won't be disappointed.

From: Keith: Madison, GA

Comments: These are the deal.  Don't even think that there is another pair that is better.  They are awesome.  Have made the mistake of buy Rapala a few times thinking that they will somehow work, not the case.  These are so very simple to use, well made and with the orange handle easy to find.  Worth every penny. 

From: Rick: Oak Park, IL

Comments: These things are fabulous.  My friend, who uses split rings a lot in her jewelry, told me her 4th pair of split ring pliers had just lost the tip (didnÕt even have them a month).  I remembered reading something about a pair of pliers made for the fishing industry ‹ and finally found them.  Bought a pair for my friend, and one for me.  My friend just absolutely loves hers.  She said that she canÕt believe how much time she had wasted trying to get the rings opened before. 

From: Bobbie: Miami, FL

Comments: Make in Pakistan but very sturdy and and they work great.  The spring between the handles defaults the jaws in the open position so they are easy to use, even on size 0 split rings.  The lower jaw extends beyond the upper jaw which is the key to the design.  No "pinching" the split ring and popping it on the floor.  2 thumbs up.

From: Rick: Orrville, OH

Comments:Best split ring pliers on the market. Simple to use.

From:Bill: Port Vue, PA

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