Accu Cull E-Con Tags Culling System

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The Accu Cull E-Con Tags Culling System is an environmentally friendly and conservation minded system that limits harm to fish. It still holds all day long thanks to the system's plastic clips, but causes less damage. Colored surgical tubing helps you quickly identify your fish, and the tubing even features cork inserts which allow them to float for even easier identification. The new livewell mounting strap allows you attach it anywhere there is a screw your livewell, so you can mount the tags easily right where you need them - in your livewell - with no tangles.


-Seven Floating Cull Tags
-Livewell Mounting Strap

Accu Cull Culling System

Accu Cull Digital Scale

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Way better than the old school metal clips.  No more putting holes/tears in the fishes mouth and just as reliable as the metal ones.  Good quality too!

From: Spotzilla: Lanier, GA 1/27/17

Comments: Purchased a set to use for our tournaments that allow only non-invasive culling systems. Had some angry Smallies break two of the clips at different points in the season and Brent was great to mail me out to new clips and a bonus goody in the box at no charge - these guys stand behind their great product!

From: Jeff: Ontario, Canada 1/4/16

Comments: I recently picked up this system for tournament fishing & really like it. I ran it a few times just prefishing to get the hang of it & I can honestly say that once I got used to it I love it. The system makes it fast & easy to keep track of your fish & cull quickly. You have to make sure you get the tag clips UNDER the fishes jaw so to speak & then they dont come off. IDK if theres a video on it but that would clear up all confusion I think.

From: Andy: CA 10/19/15

Comments: I got the accu cull e-con tags some time in april 2015. The reviews on them were good and I didn't like punching holes in the fishes mouths. After 4 1/2 months of use I have decided 2 things. 1 the clips don't stay on. The 2nd thing I found this morning when I was cleaning up after a club tournament . The colored rubber tubes have what looks to be dry rot where they connect to the plastic clips. I don't leave the tags lay in the bottom of the boat. They are hung to dry with my weight-in bag in my barn.

From: Dave: Manchester, PA 9/13/15

Comments: I purchased these clips from tackle warehouse back in june. Loved them right from the start, but by August 4 out of the 7 clips had broke. I emailed tackle warehouse about my issue, and within a couple of days i had an email from the owner of Accu Cull directly asking me to call him. Long story short, i essentially received a batch of lemons. He apologized personally, and sent out a package of new tags along with some other items. Gotta love a company that stands behind there products and offer fantastic customer service, going above and behond. I dont typically write these reviews but this one was warranted.
Thanks Accu Cull

From: Joe: Toronto, Canada 10/9/14

Comments: By far the best cull system I have used. been using them for 2 years and works great, much better than anything else on the market.

From: James: ME

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