Baker 8" Pliers Forceps & Line Clipper/Punch Tool Kit - $8.99

Whether you’re fishing bass, trout, or pike, the Baker 8” Pliers, Forceps, & Line Clippers/Punch Tool Kit provides you with three of the most useful tools you can have in your tacklebox. The kit comes with a slim 8” pair of pliers, a 5-1/2” pair of forceps, and super-convenient line clippers that double as a punch tool for line-ties. The pliers and the forceps are both built using rust-resistant stainless steel, and have slim profiles with serrated teeth that are ideal for digging out hooks that have been deeply inhaled by fish. Additionally, the pliers also have a line cutter that is great for making quick snips to fluorocarbon or monofilament.

Small enough to keep in your pocket, the line clippers are super-sharp and have a “power” handle that makes cutting line a breeze. Additionally, the “power” handle on the line clippers/punch tool also works as a hook disgorger for popping hooks out of fish’s mouth. The patented jig-eye punch is perfect for removing paint, or dried vegetation from line-ties, especially on smaller finesse lures. To top it all off, the back of the jig-eye punch can be used as a screwdriver bit to tighten or loosen flat-head screws. Complete with 19-inch lanyard, the Baker 8” Pliers, Forceps, & Line Clipeper/Punch Tool Kit is a convenient and cost-effective set of accessories for anglers of all levels.  

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Baker 8" Pliers Forceps & Line Clipper/Punch Tool Kit $8.99

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