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Bruiser Baits Rad Shad - $2.24

The Bruiser Baits Rad Shad easily twitches side-to-side like a wounded baitfish with even the slightest rod movement.  Its belly hook slot makes rigging a dream, and it also means your hook has less plastic to push through for lightning fast hooksets. Available in several proven color patterns, Bruiser Baits recommends Texas-rigging the Rad Shad weightless with any size EWG hook that gives you the confidence to land your fish.

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5" 8

Comments: This bait is the real deal, when money on the line.

From: Jermaine: VA

Comments: this bait is hinged in the middle, the tail swings freely back and forth.  it's hard to tell in the pics unless you see it from above.  it's the best jerkbait i've ever used, nothing like it!

From: Marshall: Paducah, KY

Comments: Don't kid yourself, this bait has better action than a zoom super fluke. get some and get bit!

From: James: Madison, FL

Comments: Best soft jerk bait i ever had !When moneys on the line use this lure!

From: Brandon: Sarasota, FL

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Bruiser Baits Rad Shad

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  • Baby Bass
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  • Houdini
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  • Junebug
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  • Lily Pad
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  • Watermelon Candy
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  • Watermelon Red
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