Ego S2 Slider Net With Compact 18" Handle

Voted Best of Show in Fishing Accessories at the 2010 ICAST Show

The EGO S2 Compact Slider Landing Net with an 18-inch handle features the most advanced handle extension technology available - delivering total length control with the simple push of the S2 Slider Grip. The handle also completely detaches - providing component interchangeability and compact storage.  Featuring an 18-inch Slider handle, the Ego S2 Slider Net extends to a full 36-inches.

*Non-Tangle Lightweight Black or Clear Rubber Mesh
*Flat Bottom / 15” bag depth (stretches up to 1.5x with load)
*Unique scoop design aids in the fish landing process
*Medium Hoop Size 17” x 19”
*18” Slider Handle extends to 36”
*Designed to float

Don't forget to check out the accessories for the Ego S2 Compact Slider Net - the Ego S2 Slider Handles, and the Ego S2 Slider Knife Attachment.
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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have bought two of these nets over the last 3yrs. They are not very durable. The first one the handle rivets sheared off & you could not extend or retract the handle. The second one the netting itself started breaking & falling apart. I feel they are not a good value & should last longer for the money. Went with a Frabill & feel it is better quality.

From: Doug: Bonney Lake, WA 9/18/16

Comments:  I don't know what the big issue is I have had this net for about a month ladies fish from 3lb to over 5lbs it has worked flawlessly I love it everything that ppl have been saying is bad about the net has not happend to me I have the compact 18-36 handle works great, and as for it being heavy not sure if they have a bigger net but mine weights 2.5lbs if that's a lot then I don't know what to say even my 8yr old daughter says its light and my 12yr old son lands fish with it no problem... Would I recommend it yes hey maybe I haven't had it long enough  my opinion after a month GREAT NET!

From: Miguel: Suisun, CA 2/22/16

Comments: had the compact S2 slider and the handle broke off right below the threads when landing a small keeper, actually broke scooping through the water (threads are stuck in the net portion). I have contacted Ego, we will see what they do (if anything). I doubt I buy a replacement handle for this, I'll probably go with a different brand

From: JR: Fairmont, WV 5/15/14

Comments: Great design. I like it a lot. only "complaint" is its real heavy compared to my old aluminum net. but I still will be using this one.

From: Danny: Cool, CA

Comments: Awesome net but downfall is the foam padding on handle is cheap. Mines started to come apart after a few usages.

From: Lue: Sac, CA

Comments: handle is still operating smooth, and have landed fish up to nine. My complaints are how heavy and cumbersome the net is when you are by yourself and its net time. Even for being a small net. Now the net has rotted, just under two years old. I will buy something else.

From: nor-cal

Comments: Great net, just make sure to get the newer updated model with the stronger handle. Not sure if Tackle warehouse carries them yet. I just got mines direct from Adventure products

From: Anthony: S.F. Bay Area

Comments: The net is awesome for fish that don't weigh much, but when you bring in good greenies over 4-5 lbs and the handle is extended - 9 times out of 10 it will bend - and good luck getting it back right to where it will extend and retract easily. The net is heavy as crap if you have to chase a fish in the water around the boat. I got rid of the handle and went to Home Depot and just got an 8' paint roller (its one piece and long, but it's a lot more durable). They also have the same exact handle - but the threads are different on the screw. Just take your net in to HD or Lowe's and see which handle will fit it.

From: Russ: Canton, GA

Comments: I purchased the $70.00 version of this net this spring. After a few days out fishing the handle would not extend or retract easily. It took major effort to get the handle to extend and collapse. I guess it had too much stress on it from netting one of the heavier fish. Took it back to the store I purchased it from and they replaced it. A couple months later while netting a 6+ lb fish the handle broke off where the threads meet the net. I like the light weight and the idea behind the net but the quality and materials are substandard. I wont be buying this net again and dont recommend others to buy it.

From: LeDon: Cocolalla, ID

Comments: I have to let everyone know that the net floats for about 30 seconds and then will sink. I recommend checking the length of time the net floats. My net slipped of the back while running down the lake. Before my partner could grab it, it was too late.  I circled around to retrieve it and much to our surprise it sank right next to the boat. The positive out of this is I will check to see how long it really takes to sink and make sure not to make the same mistake with my new net. Ego2 or whoever the name of the actual company, sent me a new net in 2 days after hearing what happened. No questions asked! Solid company. Besides not floating as long as I thought it would, this is by far the best net on the market.

From: John: Fishers, IN

Comments: I really like the size of this net, the concept and the design. I do have one complaint. The point where the net screws into the handle is GARBAGE. The metal that is used is so soft that any stress on that part of the net will cause bad things to happen. I have already replaced my handle once and have had trouble with the replacement handle already. It still works, but for how long? If better metal was used, it would be a totally different story.

From: Jason: Stafford, VA

Comments: I've had the net for about a year now and until this last trip it has been flawless. We wrecked some large bass on the Delta and in an attempt to scoop a 5+ Largemouth, the threads snapped off from the handle. The metal used for the threads is very low quality (porous) and hallow inside. I really like design and functionality of the net, but the net size on the model TW sells is a tad small when you have to land larger fish! Would be nice to have the handle longer as well. Unfortunatly I won't be buying this net again.

From: Brett

Comments: This thing is AMAZING!!! High quality, low weight. Very tough. Its all they say it is and more!

From: Jeff: Bloomington, MN

Comments: I got the clear mesh model back in the Summer and have used it alot. This is an awesome net, very compact, smooth and easy to extend and hooks wont tangle like Nylon, It also floats! To me it just has a great feel with the cushion handle grip and is super light for a rubber net. The net can be changed to many differant types to be used with the handle and it screws down in perfect alignment. Best net ever!

From: Dave: Mtn. Home, AR

Comments: best net on the market no other can compare

From: Kostantinos, Vineland, NJ

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