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Sensitivity is a major factor to consider when flippin' and pitchin', and Fitzgerald Rods strives to continually make some of the most sensitive rods on the market today. Designed by professional bass angler, Trevor Fitzgerald, the Fitzgerald Flipping Rods are constructed from the best materials and components money can buy. Hand-made in the USA, each rod features a high quality rod blank that carries a lifetime warranty, and premium American Tackle Artus HD Heavy Duty Micro Guides with saltwater-gauge stainless steel frames and braid-proof Nanolite HD rings. The micro guides greatly improve casting accuracy which is important in close quarter fishing, while also greatly reducing overall rod weight. The guides are perfectly positioned along each blank to optimize that particular rod’s action, allowing you to feel the most subtle bites before the fish feels you - then haul the big ones out of cover. Forhan Locking wraps prevent the guides from pulling out during use, and American Tackle tangle-free tips with Nanolite rings and ring lock technology help prevent dreaded wind loops. Perfectly balanced, light weight and easy to fish all day long, pick up a Fitzgerald Flipping Rod today - you won’t be disappointed.

Hand-made in the USA

-Premium Graphite Blank-Exposed Reel Seats
-No-Slip EVA handle and butt
-Drop Shot Hook Keeper

Fitzgerald blanks are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Fitzgerald Flippin' Rod 7'6" Heavy Hydrilla-Grass Flip

Hydrilla/Grass Flippin' - designed specifically for flippin' hydrilla and vertically growing grass. Rod loads perfectly so that you don’t pull the bait from the fish to early. When flipping hydrilla or grass you need a rod that is light and nimble yet power full once you set the hook in order to get them out of the thick stuff. Same rod Trevor Fitzgerald used to win the 2010 Bassmaster Open on Lake Seminole when he flipped all 3 days for the win.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 30-80lb Braid 3/4-2 1/2oz 10+Tip Fitzgerald Flip A 17-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $199.99
Fitzgerald Flip A

Fitzgerald Casting Rod 7'6" Heavy Okeechobee Rod

This rod is designed specifically for fishing Lake Okeechobee and lakes with lots of vegetation. Whether you are casting a Skinny Dipper-style bait, swimming a toad, walking a frog or flipping, this rod does it all. When fishing Lake Okeechobee you need a long rod with a lot of power to gain control of the fish. This rod does that with ease and it has great tip action for casting your bait of choice a mile.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 20-80lb 1/2-2oz 10+Tip Fitzgerald Flip B 16-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $199.99
Fitzgerald Flip B

Fitzgerald Flippin' Rod 7'8" Heavy Big Jig-Mat Flip

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 20-80lb Braid 3/4-3oz 10+Tip Fitzgerald Flip A 17-1/2" In Stock: 3 $199.99
Fitzgerald Flip A

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  • Completely designed by FLW professional, Bryan Thrift, the Fitzgerald Bryan Thrift Series Casting Rods offer a number of custom-built tapers and actions that cover a wide-range of techniques. 

  • Offering the ideal actions and tapers for a range of crankbait applications, the Fitzgerald Crankbait Casting Rods are handmade like all Fitzgerald Rods in the USA with only the finest components and materials.

Customer Reviews

Comments: heavy heavy rod, heavy in power and heavy in weight, wore me out after half a days fishing. You're better off with a mojo bass than this plank. step up a few bucks and get a Dobyns Champ, light balanced and sensitive. This guy cuts off tourney leaders on final days of tournaments, basically cuts corners to make a buck, these rods are not far behind.

From: Joez: House, TX 12/30/16

Comments: I own the hydrilla grass, Okeechobee Rod and Light pitch in and flippjng rods and must say they are all amazing. I mostly throw medium size swim baits, flip beavers, craws, swim jigs and senkos. All these  rods are super sensitive and really strong. Trevor has always answered all my questions as a few of my friends referred me to him. I have caught several fish over 7 -8 pounds in some really thick grass  and pads and never have to worry about whether they have the power to get them to the boat as all my fishing is done on Lake Okeechobee!  Trust me that if they hold up to my abuse in the areas I fish they will get the job done anywhere. I just wish I could by them all!! 

From: Greg: Palm Beach, FL 9/4/15

Comments: I recently bought this reel to try out. On the first day on the water, I was amazed of how smooth, strong, and the casting distance it performed. I caught about 15-16 lbs of bass just off this reel on the first day. It's a small and comfortable profile and overall great performance. I would recommend this reel, guarantee that!

From: Ku: NC 10/4/14

Comments: I have the big mat rod. The balance is not comparable with other high end extra heavy punch rods and takes a lot of getting used to. I found using a heavier reel helped quite a bit. I use an older Accurist. The blank however, is extremely powerful with the perfect amount of tip for a soft entry and shaking the bait. Not for everyone but used for punching the heaviest cover for the biggest fish in the lake it is high-performance.

From: LD: Fort Lauderdale, FL 10/4/14

Comments: Not sure about the sensitivity that everyone brags on because I can't get over the weight of these rods: Heavy heavy heavy, tip heavy big time. with all the rods on the market, I can't see flippin with these "heavy weights"

From: John: Jacksonville, FL 9/25/14

Comments: I've been looking at these rods for a while but have been hesitant to buy. Reason being is that no one around carries them and I like to at least feel a rod before I buy. I decided to email Fitzgerald Rods and ask them a few questions. Trevor immediately responded (at 10:30pm I might add) and answered all my questions and even had a few for me as well. That way I get the exact rod that I'm looking for. He recommended the 7'6" med/heavy pitching and light flipping. I took it to Toledo Bend this past weekend and it performed great! Everything from normal dock fishing to flipping lighter mats. This Rod is very sensitive and a company with great customer service, how could you go wrong?!

From: Joseph: TX 9/23/14

Comments: I must say and do agree with most if not all the reviews about Fitzgerald flippin sticks I own 2 7/6 med hev & 7/10 punchin rod both perform very well u wont be sorry about performance or sensitivity issuse !

From: J.D.: Wayne, NJ 7/13/14

Comments: With out a doubt this rod is very well made and the attention to detail shows in this rod. I first purchased the 7'6" Med/Hvy flipping stick and was so impressed with the power and versatility of this rod i purchased one shortly after. If you are a serious bass fishing junkie like most of us are you will have a real appreciation for these superbly crafted rods.. Try one you wont be disappointed.

From: Jim: Potomac River, VA 7/8/14

Comments: This rod is very well made, VERY sensitive, and overall very clean build. However, this rod is very heavy. Not necessarily tip heavy, but just heavy and does not balance well at all. If you can get over the weight you'll absolutely love this rod.  For me, I sold it.

From: Gerald: Madison, WI 6/16/14

Comments: After talking to trevor on which rod I needed,I bought the 7'6 mh pitchin/light flippin rod.the action is perfect for pitchin plastics into cover.very clean build and these heavy duty micro guides are stronger and more durable then fuji.I would take these over fuji any day.

From: Jeff: IL 4/4/14

Comments: I purchased a 7'6" Fitzgerald Hvy flippin stick and was so impressed with it that I purchased a second one a week later. They are very sensitive with all the power you need to pull the hogs out of the junk, along with a great parabolic bend to help keep the pressure on once hooked. Built to last with quality components and priced competitively for a quality stick, try one you wont be disappointed.

From: Rod: Orlando FL

Comments: Great looking rod. Very clean and well put together. Are a bit heavy. Never had a flipping stick weighing this much, on the other hand it is a VERY sensitive rod. Like it. Have two, thinking about getting more

From: Tyler: KS

Comments: Love this rod.. Best flipping stick I ever owned.  Does not come with rod cover like one of the comments earlier stated.  Definitely top of the line workmanship. Also talked to Trevor and helped me make a selection. 

From: Jimmy: OH

Comments: I own about 15 different Fitzgerald Rods and I love everyone of them. They use the best components available and the rods are bullet proof!!

From: James: NC

Comments: I have been through many flippin sticks, but these are by far the best I have used, hands down!!!  I use the big jig/matt flippin 7'-10" heavy for the bulk of my flipping, it's light enough to flip a big jig or an ounce and half texas rig all day, but you can still pull them out of the thickest cover you can imagine.  I also use the 7'ft all purpose and the 7'3" all purpose.  The guides on these rods are great. When fishing braid I have had zero issues with the line wrapping itself on the guides, which has been a big complaint of mine on past rods.  All these rods are super light, super strong, and a pleasure to fish with. Buy one I promise you will not be dissapointed!!!

From: Caleb: Citrus Springs, Fl

Comments: Never had a flippin rod like it. light, stron, sensitive. its got it all

From: Trent: Ocala, FL

Comments: I ordered 1 of the hvy action flippin sticks rite after Trevor Fitzgerald won the Open on Seminole lake back in 2010 & these are the toughest most sensitive rods I've ever fished with.I've ordered several fitzgerald flippin sticks & frog rods since & am VERY pleased with all of em. Buy 1 i guarantee you wont regret it.

From: Ryan: Hartshorne,OK

Comments: When choosing fishing rods in today's market, it can be very frustrating and tough with all of the different choices out there. When I decided to purchase new rods, I knew I wanted to buy a complete set from the same manufacturer and found myself frustrated in trying to make the best choice for me.  When I called Trevor Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Rods, he was able to identify my fishing styles and needs and got me hooked up with the rods that will in turn help me be successful in catching big bass. When I placed the order, the rods were made, shipped and received very quickly to allow me to get on the water to use them. Their customer service is fast, friendly and always available for any questions or concerns. These rods also come with a rod protector which is great especially when you store them in your boat locker to help protect the guides.These rods have the durability and strength to match the type of fishing you will be doing. From flipping big jigs to casting a small Spinner bait, these micro guide rods allow you to cast a mile without losing sensitivity and missing out on your possible first or next trophy bass. Personally I flip big Texas rigs and jigs in the thickest of cover from mats to bull rushes to cattails and there is no doubt when I hook into an 8 or 9 pound largemouth Okeechobee Bass, these rods get the job done every time. When flipping in heavy mats, I use their "Heavy Mat Flippin' 7'10" X-HVY rod and when I am flipping around cattails and bull rushes I use their "Big Jig/Mat Flippin' 7'10" Hvy rod. Two other rods that I use most of the time is their "All Purpose" 7'3" for the Big EZ baits and there also new Okeechobee Rod which is an All Purpose rod to use the swim style baits such as the Big EZ or you can also use to fish a Senko type bait. To me there is no question that I made the best decision on my investment that will last a very long time. The pricing is competitive and you won't be disappointed with the quality and durability of Fitgerald Rods.

From: Jay: Boca Raton, FL

Comments: Great rods!!

From: Steve: Tallahassee, FL

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