Gamakatsu EWG Monster Hooks - $4.49

Gamakatsu's newest evolution in worm hooks is the "EWG Monster". Designed large enough for the biggest tubes or swim baits, and based on the proven wide gap design. When only a high carbon steel, heavy wire hook should be considered, the "EWG Monster" should be your choice. The improved shape and a super sharp hook point inline with the eye will give it the positive hook setting power needed when using larger and thicker baits. And it is heavy enough to pull the most stubborn fish out of heavy cover.

Available in sizes 5/0 thru 7/0 in the popular NS Black finish.

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Gamakatsu EWG Monster Hooks

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Gamakatsu EWG Monster Hook 5/0 5pk $4.49
Gamakatsu EWG Monster Hook 6/0 4pk $4.49
Gamakatsu EWG Monster Hook 7/0 4pk $4.49

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Comments: The Gamakatsu EWG Monster Hooks are a snell master's dream! Add a drop of worm glue or super glue to the snell, pull any giant plastic into place over the hook eye, and your in business. A useful, strong hook, able to hold the largest predator. Backbone is this hooks' middle name!

From: William: Thomaston, GA 3/18/15

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