Gamakatsu Treble EWG Hooks Black - $7.99

Treble hooks are necessary for any lure that can be attacked from different angles by a bass. These hooks from Gamakatsu are extremely sharp and very strong, so they will not straighten out. These hooks are NS black finished to prevent rust and corrosion and help maintain the super-sharp points. The extra wide gap design will allow deep penetration of the point in a bass' mouth and help hold the fish as it tries to shake out your lure. When you are throwing crankbaits, ripbaits, and other hard baits, it is very important that the hooks be as sharp as they can be so that any touch by a fish will stick and give you the chance to set the hook. Theses hooks are that sharp.
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Gamakatsu Treble EWG Hooks Black

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Gama Treble EWG Black 6 12pk $7.99
Gama Treble EWG Black 4 11pk $7.99
Gama Treble EWG Black 2 9pk $7.99

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