Gamakatsu Treble EWG Hooks Bronze - $6.99

Why would a fisherman want to use Extra Wide Gap for treble hooks? For the same reason you would use them for worm hooks; because they have a wide, deep radius in the bend and they are able to sink deeper into the bass' mouth and hold better. The EWG hooks also have a slightly different inward angle of the hook point. This will help keep the bait from catching every rock and stick, so when a fish bites the hook will drive in deep and hold tight. Try these hooks with your crankbaits and see if they make a difference for you.
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Gamakatsu Treble EWG Hooks Bronze

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Gama Treble EWG Bronze 6 12pk $6.99
Gama Treble EWG Hooks Bronze 4 11pk $6.99
Gama Treble EWG Bronze 2 9pk $6.99

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Comments: These are great trebles.  I use these hooks to replace any worn hooks on my crankbaits, and they are super sharp, very strong, and hold their sharpness.  The Daichi hooks are lighter, but they are a little pricy.  I've noticed that Bandit Lure Co. has gone to better quality hooks on their crankbaits because so many fisherman were relpacing the trebles on Bandit lures with Gamakatsu or Mustad hooks.

From: John: Lexington, KY

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