Gamakatsu Wireguard Worm Hooks

Gamakatsu Wireguard Worm Hooks
The Wire Guard Hook is designed for situations where you may be fishing in cover but you will have an open hook point. You could be wacky-rigging a worm or Senko, fishing a soft jerk bait, or using the new Sleekys from Super Pork, similar to the now discontinued Pork-o's from Strike King. Whenever you need a weedless presentation and an open hook, try these ultra-sharp hooks from Gamakatsu. High quality stainless steel wire covers the point but will easily move out of the way and not interfere with the hook set

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Gama Wireguard Worm Hooks 1/0 4pk $4.49 10+
Gama Wireguard Worm Hooks 2/0 4pk $4.49 10+
Gama Wireguard Worm Hooks 3/0 3pk $4.49 10+
Gama Wireguard Worm Hook 4/0 3pk $4.49 10+
Gama Wireguard Worm Hook 5/0 3pk $4.49 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Wacky rig a 5" Senko with the 2/0 or use a 3/0 with a 6" Senko paired to 16 lb. Sugoi fluorocarbon line. Deadly!
From: David, Huntington Beach, CA, USA 7/04

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