Heddon Feather Dressed Treble Super Spook Jr.

Heddon Feather Dressed Treble Super Spook Jr.

Featuring the same legendary design that made the original version so famous across the bass fishing world, the Heddon Super Spook Jr. now has the benefit of a feather dressed treble hook. Increasing flash and a sense of realism, the feather creates a natural action that collapses and flares during the retrieve. Equipped with a well-positioned single rattle to provide the distinctive 'thump,' it also provides the easy walk-the-dog action associated with the Zara Spook line of baits. The Feather Dressed Super Spook Jr. was and still is highly desired after several top finishers of the 2003 Bassmaster Tour event on Arkansas' Lake Hamilton were found using this lure. The Heddon Feather Dressed Super Spook Jr. adds another valuable dimension to your topwater arsenal.

Heddon Length Weight Class
Super Spook Jr. 3.5" 1/2oz Topwater

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2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Absolutely love throwing this bait ! Smallies here in Oregon fight over it! countless fish caught every trip out... must have for any serious bass fishermen!

From: Chris: Sandy, Or 12/16/16

Comments: No need to spend a ton of money on "high end" lures that are smiliar.  I've been fishing these things for years and they are great.  My only complaint about these lures is the hooks, not the best in my opinion so you may want to go ahead and replace them.

From: E: GA

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