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Zara Spooks have been around a long time, and they will probably always be in the boxes, bags, and boats of bass fishermen. Well, the old Spook got even better. The Heddon Super Spook is a tremendous advance in the art of topwater fishing. It has great fish catching colors and beautiful light reflecting finishes that will attract a lot of attention, getting you more bites and more fish in the boat. They also added loud rattles for more attraction, and three of the super-sharp Excalibur Rotating Treble Hooks that will help lessen the chance that the fish will throw the bait after it's hooked. Walking-the-dog is easy with this big lure, and when fished slowly with long pulls, it will glide back and forth like a snake coming across the surface. You can also fish it fast and furious with lots of loud splashing. Either way, the Super Spook will walk and talk on command.

Heddon Length Weight Class Hooks
Super Spook Jr. 3.5" 1/2oz Surface #4
Super Spook 5" 7/8oz Surface #4

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Heddon Super Spook

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  • Baby Bass
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  • Black Shiner
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  • Bleeding Shad
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  • Blue Shore Shad
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  • Bone
    Size Stock Qty
  • Chartreuse Black Head
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  • Flitter Shad
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  • Florida Bass
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  • Foxy Momma
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  • Foxy Shad
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  • Lake Fork Shad
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  • Okie Shad
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  • Speckled Trout
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  • White Chartreuse
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Comments: Had a Jr. (Foxy) in my box for two years and finally broke it out today on a small pond. Extremely easy to walk, I really love the action. Caught three in about 20 minutes, biggest was 2.5 lbs. Awesome bait. Can't wait to use it again.

From: Justin: Noblesville, IN 8/17/15

Comments:  I mostly fish the Spook Jr and only throw the Super in the fall when Bass hit bigger baits. This is the best cigar type lure for the money. All colors work with chrome and shad probably the best. I bought a Chartreuse/Black for evenings and it doesn't disappoint. Caught an 18" 3.5lb last evening. The black head is actually easier for the bass to see in low light or at dark. You MUST upgrade to size 2 trebles. Go with red for some contract and the bleeding gill look.  Any quality brand like Gama, Owner, etc.

From: John: Germantown, MD 7/27/15

Comments: I fish the Spook Jr. in the spring and summer. I go to the Super Spook in Sept thru November when the bass are fattening up for winter. Up size to #2 hooks. Pick a high quality red Gama/Owner/etc either round bend or EWG. Just caught a 6 lb 4 oz on Foxy Mama. I've had great success with Bone too but most colors work. They are best with a little chop or current on the water. Not the best in smooth calm water but still work. Just walk it a little slower. BTW, much better than the KVD cigar lure.   

From: John: Germantown, MD 6/22/15

Comments: Still the best dog walker on the market for me. Have caught tons of bass on this baby. They are super easy to walk and you can launch them into next week on a cast. The colors are good and the hooks sharp, so I don't lose many fish on these. A confidence bait that gets plenty of blow ups almost every time I fish it.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 5/21/15

Comments: walks easy,doesn't break the bank and cast a mile. Hooks aren't the best but that's not a huge problem, all and all a must have top water for schooling fish in the summer on points and great early morning walking bait for around docks and lay downs.

From: Jack: USA 7/15/14

Comments: super spooks for tiger muskie! This is my go to lure for tigers. I will fish this lure any time of the day and in any weather! It has produced countless tigers over and over . Awesome lure and the fish can not resist it!

From: Joshua: Grants, NM 5/27/14

Comments: This lure produces fish. I have 3 diffrent colors and foxy momma foxy shad and wonded shad/bleeding shad. The first day i used the foxy shad i caught 16 fish befor casting accrosed the lake and landing in a tree. I got 3 more after that and hit another spot. Later that day. Caught a 10.2lb bass on the jr. This is a great lure and catches fish after fish.

From: Eddie: annapolis maryland

Comments: Very nice top water bait. Nice walking action. Works for stripers too! Yes change the hooks out.

 HmoobYaj: San Diego

Comments: a good lure in the evening on late spring or summer months i fished osoyoos lake and caught a nice 4 pound largemouth. I have also caught smallmouth in a bullfrog colour in the normal zara spook

From: Nathan: British Columbia

Comments: I found a Spook in some tules while flipping last fall. Looked like it had been floating for a while, but unlike a Sammy which would have swelled and become useless this bait only had a bit of paint missing. Slapped on some new hooks, and caught close to 30 fish on Nacimiento with it 2 weeks later. Durable, consistent, and it can call fish up in the middle of the day like no other.

Comments: Great topwater bait this and the jitterbug are my favorite topwaters.... Caught my PB 5 pounds 11 oz on it and it continues to produce nonstop

From: New England

Comments: A must have tournament winner in Florida. Hands down the best of the walkers. Okie Shad and Florida Bass are all that's needed.

From: Hollywood, FL

Comments: Simply a must have on the boat for tournament fishing in Florida.

Comments: This is a great lure, both for largemouth and smallies.  The hooks need to be replaced, but once that's done, it's a very effective lure.  I have the Foxy Momma and the clear.  I used both in a tournament recently; the water was gin clear, the surface was glass smooth, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  It was a tough tourney, but I pulled nine fish with four keepers, where half the crowd had only one or two fish.

From: Joe: Bellingham, WA

Comments: Extremely reliable, and constantly produces. Sometimes a bait like a Sammy or Vixen will produce more, but the Spook will produce most the time day in and day out. Swap the hooks out with some Gammies or Owners. A pair of #2s on the front and back rings with a #4 in the middle gives you a lot of bite, and helps stick those fish that slap at the head or tail of the bait.

Comments: I have the jr version in the foxy momma color and it is amazing. My biggest bass on it so far has 5lbs and that is big up north. The bait has an amazing walking action better than any other lure and would put it against a sammy any day. Tight Lines to all

From: Ryan: Chicago, IL

Comments: Hooks super sharp you have to be kidding me.. Great lure, it produces even better than a lot of my top end baits costing twice as much.. Today I had 7 fish come off, I lost at fish well over 5lbs which is big for a Ny fish... Definitely swap the hooks out!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Brett: Rochester, NY

Comments: Make sure you change the hooks! Hook up percentage goes up considerably using braid as well.

From: James: Valparaiso, IN

Comments: Great action walks the dog so well. get one or two

From: Scotty: VA

Comments: Had the bleeding shad in 3.5 and annihilated about 15 plus bass.

From: Anthony

Comments: Best topwater baits for the money. one of the easiest batis to walk if your new to these types of baits and they catch you some really nice fish and who doesnt like some topwater action.  I like the 3.5 inch size i think it is the perfect all around bait

From: Matt: IL

Comments: I have Rapalas and Lucky Craft, but these lure have the best handling walk the dog action(!) with very nice price.

From: Petr: Czech Republic

Comments: Cheap and good. Cast a mile and stable flight during casting. Caught a few good fishes on it..

From: Adam: S'pore

Comments: Love this bait. This is my go to topwater bait if i'm looking to catch big bass and numbers of bass.

From: MN

Comments: Just got back from Lake Winnipesaukee we spent the day.  It was every third cast!  Stopped counting around noon (41) slightly over cast, a small breeze and no one else boating...ended the day with a 3 for 3 finish...the Spook Jr. Ruled the day and the smallmouth couldn't resist!!  Started with plastics and put them away after discovering it was a top water day, how heaven is supposed to be! Thank you Heddon for a clasic that never fails.  P.S.  The Sammys are still waiting to see water> someday maybe

From: Steve: Goffstown, NH

Comments:  best walk the dog bait on the planet. here in south florida, this bait flat out gets 'em. don't spend the big $ on the other guys, because this is the only one you need. the only modification i do, is i add a feathered hook and change the split rings and hooks. you can use tight out of the package, but when you get into the fish over 6 pounds, heavy hooks are a must.

From: Cracker: Boca Raton, FL

Comments:This is the best topwater bait out there. Sammys work as well, but the side to side action on a Sammy is much tighter, as opposed to the spook which has a much longer side to side action, which is what you need to trigger strikes. My personal favorite are the spook jr's. It seems that the rattle on those sizes resonates the right sound pitch, that catches me more bass. The only color I use is the Okie Shad, not pretty, but who cares if it catches fish!

From:Brian: San Fransisco, CA

Comments:A classic, but still the best. I was fishing the other day, my buddy was using a sammy and I was using a spook, I caught four fish more then he did.

From:Jesse: Phoenix, AZ

Comments:The Heddon Super Spook is the best top-water bait I have ever used. I caught over a dozen largemouth bass, three of them over 5 pounds and a 7.5 pounder in two days. Then I went to the coast and caught a speckled trout on the first cast.

From:John: USA

Comments:The Super Spook is the bait for Stripers when they are feeding on shad on the surface. On Lake Ouachita in Hot Springs we've caught stripers to 30 lbs on the Super Spook. I've already caught a couple keeper blacks on the one I just bought from here. Great bait. My favorite by far on Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas. Lots of suspending fish on this lake and they will hit a spook real well in the mornings and on overcast days.

From: Jason Sealock, The Morning News, Arkansas Sportsman Magazine 6/03

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