Hopkins NO EQL Spoons

Hopkins NO EQL Spoons

The Hopkins NO=EQL Spoons are the original Hopkins Lures. Designed back in 1949 by R.L. Hopkins, the NO=EQL Spoon has often been characterized as one of the most effective lures in fishing history. Designed to resemble a baitfish with its profile, action, flash and scale-like hammered finish, the lure also has a thicker body, which means it's heavier than conventional spoons of the same length, and can be cast much further. Forged from solid stainless steel stock, not stamped or molded like other spoons, the Hopkins NO=EQL is also equipped with a stainless steel split ring and a super-sharp Mustad DuraSteel treble hook. Proven effective for targeting a variety of different fish species in freshwater or saltwater, the Hopkins NO=EQL Spoons are extremely versatile, helping you catch fish whether you are casting, deep water jigging, trolling or even ice-fishing.

Treble Hooks 


2 Colors

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    Model No. 2
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/2oz 5+ $4.99
    3/4oz 5+ $5.99
    1 1/4oz 5+ $6.99
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    Model No. 2G
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/2oz 5+ $5.59
    3/4oz 5+ $6.39
    1 1/4oz 5 $7.99

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Comments: this spoon is awsome for jiging

From: Julius: Arizona, USA

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