Huddleston Weedless Grass Minnow 3.75"

Huddleston Weedless Grass Minnow 3.75

Please Note: Swimbaits are hand-painted and colors may vary slightly from those imaged.

Perfect for those time when you need a big bite, but still want to catch every fish around. The Huddleston Weedless Grass Minnow was made for fishing around grass and vegetation, and since minnows and grass are prolific in many lakes across the country, the Grass Minnow is a great choice almost anywhere. Incredibly lifelike with an anatomically correct baitfish profile and realistic detailing, the Grass Minnow is especially deadly in clearer water and features some key weedless innovations. Notably, a 3/0 Mustad Black Nickel Hook is completely hidden in the Grass Minnow's body, and a horizontal line eye also helps make the bait less susceptible to snagging and picking up loose grass. The Grass Minnow's durable soft plastic construction not only provides it with the patented Huddleston swimming action, it also collapses easily on strikes for a quality hook up ratio. Available in multiple colors to match the forage in your local waters, the Huddleston Deluxe Weedless Grass Minnow is a realistic tournament-quality swimbait that has the potential to load the boat anywhere grass, minnows and bass come into contact.

Huddleston Deluxe Length Weight Weedless Grass Minnow 3 3/4" 7/16oz

17 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: If you think these baits are too expensive for the fish they catch then your in the wrong sport. I fished creeks & channels the past two weeks in dirty, muddy water from the Potomac River. The only fish I caught was on the Green Pumpkin Minnow. All 2-3lbs. Crawled them thru grass, wood, rocks on my St. Croix Triumph spinning gear. You definitely need a soft tip rod to improve our hook sets. I didn't lose one! Thank you Huddleston as I'll be buying more colors.

From: John: Germantown, MD 12/27/15

Comments: When I got these I was a little unimpressed by the look of the bait, so it sat in my swimbait box longer than it should have. Have used it on highly pressured lakes where I have no swimbait success & it has produced. Comes through through cover great, can be skipped under docks, very high hookup percentage & the baits have been durable. The guys saying they are gone in 2-3 fish- not sure whats going on, maybe pike are tearing em up but mine have held up great. 

From: Steve: MD 6/11/15

Comments: what a great bait! i have consistently caught fish up to 3.5lbs on the same grass minnow (green top silver) lost count of how many fish i have had eat it but it would have to be somewhere around 10 different fish on one grass minnow. only damage the bait has received is paint scrape but IMO i had more bites once i got paint falling off rather than a complete new looking minnow. excellent for clear calm water mix and match this guy with a spinbait80 and i promise you will get bites even on the toughest of days.

From: Andrew: Bay Area, CA 5/19/14

Comments: WOW. what can i say about this lure. Very versatile not only for grass/weed fishing but open water on main points, rock piles. This thing does great. Love the way it shimmers down and very subtile movement the tail makes.Phantom smoke/ayu is the best in cear water esp right now late fall bite. Only thing i wish they do is make a bluegill color. that would be killer in spawn/post spawn.

From: Big: NOR CAL

Comments: HOLY CRAP!!!!! this bait is flat-out awesome. 24 fish today on Silver/Green. yes, it lasted that long. the paint is destroyed and it has a half inch rip but I glued it and I will catch more! the key to landing fish with this bait is to set the hook very softly if you are using braid. even on a spinning rod, you will tear holes in their mouths if you do a regular hookset. a small sweep to the side will do fine, then keep the pressure on and keep them from jumping. buying more!

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: This is one of my go to baits any time of the year just drag it on the bottom,swim it, jig it, it all works. i use 15 lb (2lb diameter) power pro super slick braid on my shimano stratic with a phenix ultra imbx drop shot spinning pole. if you choose to use braid, as soon as you feel them eat it just start reeling and kinda do a sweep motion. i've learned if you set the hook with braid you just rip it out of their mouth, once you learn the technique its an amazing little bait. i would give this 5 out of 5 stars !!! but remember always have 2 or 3 after about 5-6 fish the bait is ruined.

From: Tyler: CA

Comments: great bait!! but i think the weedless shad works better and is less expensive

From: Cole

Comments: This is a great lure!. I've had the most success fishing for Smallmouth bass, even catching my biggest smallmouth ever, on this lure. I simply cast it up stream and let it bump off the bottom with little pops of the line. The flutter of the tail along with the way the bait remains upright during retrieve makes it look just like a minnow feeding off the bottom. It is very durable, although the paint will flake off after repeated use. I will definitely be buying more in the near future!

From: Zach: VA

Comments: For mike: it is not built cheap I caught 11 fish on one of the and on the little action they have... ITS REALISTIC! How many fish do you see wobbling like the money minnow for example NONE! This one is the real deal! People this is an awesome bait

From: Jack

Comments: Back for more feedback. Switched my gear after 1st for outing. Caught 6 fish in 20 minutes off a point.  This bait is MONEY!!!. I had one tear up, easily fixed with med it glue. Bought 6 more the next day!!

From: Brett: Rochester, NY

Comments: clear, skies no wind this thing still produced. I have watched a few videos on the the proper tackle, next time I will use braid but even with 12lb mono I only missed 1 out of 6; it happened to be the big one but it was user error and I did not have the drag set.. I would have been 6 for 6, I say that is a pretty good hook up ratio.

From: Brett: Rochester, NY

Comments: overpriced!!! Are u kidding me u need To look at it again folks 7 bucks is overpriced i buy triple trouts that are 80 and sometimes even higher overpriced pfff give me a break these baits catch fish.

From: Jose: San Clemente, CA

Comments: These people putting down these baits are over exxagerating, i never miss a fish on it, and ive caught a ton, on all the huddlestons, look up swimbait bassing on youtube and i prove this bait is great.If your missing fish on it it isnt the baits its your skill level.

From: Trey

Comments: I thought this bait was a bit expensive when I bought it. I thought it was a bargain when I re-ordered it. You can fish it fast or slow and the action is great. Subtle, but very realistic. The first time I fished it, in mid-Jan, I landed 7 fish on 12 hits. You have to get used to the hook-set, and it can be frustrating, but once you sort that out, it is an excellent bait.

From: David: Austin, TX

Comments: Cheap looking. Tear easy. Very little movement. Over priced. Dont waste your money.

From: Mike: Norman Park, GA

Comments: Best lure ever for anything almost. Often get bass up to five pounds on this, my buddy got a 30 lb tarpon on one. EVERYTHING eats these. yes there are weeks where they don't get bit, but what lure doesn't have that? These are my go to lure almost always. Priceless.

From: Craig: Sunrise, FL

Comments: This swimbait is fantastic! I use it in a lake with real clear water and  lot of wood for cover. Use a slow retrive and the subtle tail action really draws the fish out of the cover. I pair it up with 50lb braided line and crankbait rod with a softer tip so the fish have time to inhale the bait. Good sharp hook and the bait really stands up to punishment. Very realistic looking. I highly recommend them.

From: Terry: Boston, MA

Comments: I would give $7 all day for a small swimbait that catches fish as good as this one I fish a lot of lakes and rivers that this bait just crushes them.

Comments: used them for the first time 3 days ago, was flipping them into weeds and caught 2 small ones, and missed one other, love the baits just wish they had a little more action, but then again that is how Hudd designed them.  overall will be getting more this off season

From: Mitch: PA

Comments: These are the BEST swimbaits, PERIOD ! They are worth their weight in gold.   You are guaranteed to catch Bass with this bait.

From: Bob: Dallas, TX

Comments: work well as expected but way to pricey... im on the lookout for a similar substitute.

From: James: Toledo Bend, LA

Comments: These swb work great in the weeds, they are effective, I'll give'em that, but the price is way expensive taking in consideration they don't last long, 2-3 fish and they are gone, will still get more, but will look for a substitution.

From: Hector: California, USA

Comments:These minnows are awesome looking baits. They work great in the weeds. The only thing is the price at $7 a piece there very very expensive. The Sebile soft magic swimmers (105mm) will do just as good and there at a better price. Over all great baits once again by HUDD.

From:Jose: California, USA

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