Lazer Trokar Flippin Hook

Lazer Trokar Flippin Hook

The Lazer Trokar Flippin' Hooks feature Trokar's unique surgically sharpened three-sided hook points - making them twice as sharp as any other hook on the market. Proven in tests to penetrate with half the pressure required for other leading hooks, the Lazer Trokar Flippin' Hooks benefit from Trokar's Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST). This patent-pending process precisely grinds the three sides of the hookpoint using a high-speed, computerized grinder designed for surgical needles. Lazer Trokar also determined the precise angle of the Low-Profile Barb using highly specific geometric calculations to provide easier penetration and the ultimate in holding power.

In addition, Trokar bolstered the wire diameter of the hook and used a unique tempering process, specifically tailored to bring out the maximum strength potential of the ultra-high carbon steel Q741 wire. The result is a stouter hook that allows for aggressive hook-sets and intense fights, as well as, just the right amount of flex to resist breaking. Taking the fishing world by storm, the Lazer Trokar Flippin' Hooks are perfectly engineered for flippin' and pitchin' presentations, delivering maximum penetration and strength for a significantly better catch ratio.

"Fishing with a hook that’s this good, and this sharp is a huge edge. To know that you have the sharpest hook in the world, yeah, that’s big ... really big. The TK130 is money, that’s really what it is, just money." - Shaw Grigsby, Bassmaster Elite Series Professional.

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Trokar Flippin Hook 3/0 4pk $5.99 10+
Trokar Flippin Hook 4/0 4pk $5.99 10+
Trokar Flippin Hook 5/0 4pk $5.99 10+
Trokar Flippin Hook 6/0 4pk $5.99 10+
Trokar Flippin Hook 7/0 4pk $5.99 10+
Trokar Flippin Hook 3/0 15pk $14.99 5+
Trokar Flippin Hook 4/0 15pk $13.99 5+
Trokar Flippin Hook 5/0 15pk $13.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Got these in 4/0 on sale & I've had very good success lately with them. They are scary sharp, super sturdy, & the bait-keeper stays in place fish after fish. The welded eye is perfect for snelling. As some have said they do carve a pretty big hole in the fish's mouth, but I'll take that trade-off since I feel like you get more hook-ups than with other hooks. I've used a few hooks for several trips & they're still as sharp as when they first came out of the package 

From: Drew: Conway, AR 9/2/15

Comments: These hooks are without a doubt the best hooks on the market. The baitkeeper is the best thing to happen to the hook since the invention of the hook.. I caught a 2 pounder throwing a 7 inch ribbon tail worm in heavy cover..

From: Dalton: Swansea, MA 10/20/14

Comments: These hooks are definitely the sharpest hooks out there but that is their down fall the cutting edges make a big hole in the mouth of the fish and rips plastics to shreds. I have lost several fish punching on this hook and had several fish come unhooked the intant they hit the deck swinging them in the boat due to the large hole the hook made. Went back to Strike king hack attack holds plastics just as well and saves on plastics.

From: Jake: LA 5/27/14

Comments: These hooks are the deal! Have never had one straighten out on me. The bait keepers are the best as well I have never had an issue with my bait falling down. Good job Trokar 5/5!

From: Austin: Saginaw,Tx

Comments: Flip a 4-5/0 with some braid, snell knot, a nice 1/4-3/8oz tungsten with a bobber stop about 2 inches from the eyelet with a havoc pit poss under a log and hold on for dear life! these hooks have yet to bend on me even after pulling big logs to my boat, very strong, very sharp, the bait keepers do their job, you literally have to tear your bait in half to get it to slide down on the hook. Great hook 5/5.

From: Mike: Fremont, NE

Comments: These hooks do their job. Just like any other hook... The more money fisherman will pay for basic things like hooks, the more money manufacturers will charge for them.  I refuse to pay more than a dollar for one hook!!! A hook!! i counted 72 hooks in my hook box today with probably another 250 spares in the basement, you can't afford to start buying hooks that cost more than a dollar apiece.  Denny Brauer has flipped mustad hooks for 30 years and guess what they cost 10 bucks a hundred and i cast them into EVERY jig head i flip.  You guys are killin me... WE DICTATE THE PRICE!!! If you cant get a fish to the boat using a flippin rod and a rusty hook YOU have problems, not your hook! Tie a piece of copper wire by the eylet of any hook you flip with, secure it with head cement and whala, you got yourself the best way to secure a bait known to man!... You guys are killin me! Ingenuity, resourcefulness, and confidence cashes checks not Astin Martin hooks!!!

Comments: I don't know why I bought a these hooks, but I'm glad I did. The best flipping hooks on the market. They don't bend. Rhet easily penetrate into the moth of the fish.I'm replacing all of my hooks with trokar hooks.

From: Michael: GA

Comments: Like a lot about them, but rust easier than any other hooks I own. Store the same as my others, (Gami's, Owner, Texposer, Mustad, BPS, VMC, etc) In plano boxes with rust resistant tabs in each division. I started using these last year & most of all these other hooks have been in the Plano for 2 or 3 years & no rust. My Kumho Reaper Keeper Tube Hooks rust almost as much, but not quite... Will go another route next time.

From: Midwest Bass Guy: Kansas

Comments: used these in a tourney once and lost 4 fish in a row. went back to my old style heavy worm hook and connected on the first fish. I know it probably was me but what could i have been doing wrong?

Comments: I won't buy anymore of these hooks! I am glad some people are having success with these hooks but all I keep getting is rolled hook points. I fish a lot and it is getting expensive when I have to replace the hook after every solid fish I catch the point rolls over on it. I try to bend them back and they just break off. I have bought the old ones and the new ones several different times, same result. Mostly the 5/0 and 6/0 sizes. It seems if you stick them in the jaw bone they are going to roll over.  Don't get me wrong they are the sharpest hook out there but there is a price to pay for that and that is a very thin point.

From: Dave: Lake St. Louis, MO

Comments: WOW! Veiwing the commercials I thought these hooks were phony. These bad boys are bad to the bone literally. Great penetration.  Well worth seven bucks. Other flipping hooks have fallen apart on me, but these are very reliable.

Comments: I've used a number of different hooks, but for my money recently I've switched to these for pitching and flipping  in 5/0 and the 6/0 for the heavier needs.  After switching, I've had less missed hook sets and lost fish.  I've found these hooks to be superior in many ways to include a very good barb, strength and retained sharpness through the day after a dozens of fish.  Additionally, the Trokar barb holds baits perfectly and I have less hang ups in the thick stuff due to baits moving on other hooks.

From: Derek: CO

Comments: The best flipping hook out there. I've had the old ones and new ones both are phenomenal

From: Jesse: PHX, AZ

Comments: These hooks are phenomenal!  I have had some of the first generation hooks with the shrink wrap on them, and they weren't too hot, --but the new version is legit.  Stuck a bunch of big fish down at Falcon this past weekend on the 7/0 flippin hook --bunch over five,two over seven and a nine lber.  Dragging them out of hardwoods with 65 lb braid no problem with these big mama jama's.  Excellent hook, will be buying more.

From: Brad: TX

Comments: Worst 5/0 hook I ever used. The bait keeper slid down the shaft all the way to the barb on the hookset and I lost a fish of a lifetime. It was like I was fishing a hook that was barbless. checked the rest of the 5/0 and 4/0 I had purchased and all were lose and would move.

From: Earnie: Noble, OK

Comments: rock solid hooks. Welded eye for people who like to snell their hooks like i do. Bait keerper will not move. Updated version is awesome. Learned to punch with these hooks and with how sharp they are it really made up for my lack of experience with detecting a bite.  I fish some super thick vegetaion because i typically fish from the bank and dont have access to the good stuff. I have horsed big branches out of the gnarliest things and this hook doesnt even show a scratch. Only have had to use one hook and its almost as sharp as the day i bought it. Its going to do great in my next tournament. Granted that the fish cooperate.

From: Sean: Concord, CA

Comments: The best flipping hook money can buy. I got this hook after I looked it online and in stores. I have used it and wow what a great hook. This hook is strong and sharp. This hook is made in the U.S.A. by Wright and McGill so you know it is good. This hook is great on all kinds of different baits and I catch more fish with this hook. If you buy this hook and give it a try you will catch more bass. I have even used it for catfish with my Skeet Reese flipping/ pitch rod. The hook market needed something like this and you can see how strike kind copied it in their way .

From: Grant: Auburn, AL


From: Frank: Santa Maria, CA

Comments: Never caught one fish on these. They are junk!

Comments: I have never had any lazer trokar bend on me especially a thick wire hook which i think all the trokar hooks are. The new version is even better than the old i had a few tips roll on logs or somethings under water with the OLD version, but to give an example how strong this new version is i brought in a about 2 foot log and the tip did NOT roll. These replaced gamakatsu as my favorite brand. I defiantly will be buying more.

From: Joe

Comments: had the first version of the flipping hooks with the shrink tubing bait keeper, and the new version with the plastic keeper. Both hooks were extremely sharp, only had one tip roll, and that was from flipping a rocky rip rap bank with some vegetation here and there on it, and getting the tip hung on a rock, and that was on the first version, and that hang up would bend the tip on any hook out there. I have hooked 100's of bass on both versions, and only lost 2, and they were on the first version, one from human error not getting a solid hook set, and the other the shrink tubing slid down fouling the hook set. With the new version I've hooked probably 60-70 fish and havent lost a single one, every one of them got in the boat, and the angle these penetrate in the roof of the fishes mouth my needle nose pliers have had to be used to remove the hook every time. Note though, if you're going to pick some up at other tackle stores print out an add with them at 6.99, some places (some rather big places) still have them at the old price.

Comments: The points do not roll on these. They are very sharp and strong hooks. Also, shrink wrap? Not on this hook. The keeper has never moved on me and is made out of a strong hard material. I fish on 40-60 pound braid depending on the cover and have never bent, broke, or lost a hook.

From: Dylan: San Jose

Comments: These hooks are incredibly sharp.  The older ones were too sharp for their own good and the tips rolled but now I haven't had that problem.  They are so sharp that once when I was fishing I was rigging up a bait with an 1oz tungsten and I accidentally dropped and and it hooked me in the hand as I went to grab it.  I am honestly scared to use these now but they are still great hooks.

From: Trevor: USA

Comments: Don't listen any buddy.This hooks are awesome i fish with them two years with no problems.And will buy more for $6.99 you can't beat that.

From: Lynnwood, MA

Comments: I think people get the first design of flippin hooks and the upgraded design mixed up.  I don't know maybe I'm wrong.  The very first model that came out were junk and the bait keepers slid down the hook or ripped off and after 1 or 2 fish the hook point rolled over.  The new design though with the upgraded bait keeper and stronger hook is flawless.  I have caught 50-60 fish in a day on one hook and it still sharp as can be.  I fish with fluoro and braid and I have never had any hook bending problems with the NEW hooks.  For some reason there is a shop here that still sells the old design flippin hook and I refuse to buy them from him even though he's a local to my neighborhood.  Tackle Warehouse all the way for me!!

From: Brian

Comments: These hooks are horrible. I bought some and the first hook I tied on the tip rolled. Thought it was just that one hook but a couple cast later I hook a 5 and it bent almost straight

From: Mitch: Orange County, CA

Comments: I'm loving these hooks but if your're flipping a bait that is thin like the craw fatty then you can go ahead and skin hook the bait and it will increase your hook up ratio.

Comments: I have caught tons of fish on this hooking flipping pit boss'es, beavers and big worms and I have not rolled a single point yet? This hook is RAZOR shard and super strong. Highly Recomended

From: Dustin

Comments: These hooks are bad to the bone, wish they weren't so expensive but they are the best on the market.

From: Matt: Dallas, TX

Comments: Ummm.. rolling points? NOT AN ISSUE. These hooks are the most solid, sharpest, and best performing hooks I have ever used for flipping. The hook up ratio has been 100% (so far). The point is at a PERFECT angle for penetration. (This is the MOST important attribute of ANY flipping hook - more important than sharpness) Add to that the incredible point and you have the best flippin' hook on the market BAR NONE. Nothing else comes close. Sorry guys who said the points roll. Maybe if you stick a log with braid ... I don't know - I flip muck and pads so this TEARS right through (all vegetation) I caught 12 bass one afternoon on one #4/0 rigged with a Yum Wooly Beaver and it's still going. The price is a turn-off, BUT - when flipping - this hook does a better job than any I've used in my 30 years of fishing. Don't shy away if you flip at least 30% of the time you fish.

From: Chris: Yardley, PA

Comments: I have used these hooks from washington to california on both small and large mouth bass and have never had a problem with them. they are a bit pricy but i would pay double for the quality of these hooks. super sharp and strong. They keep their sharpness for many fish as well. the best hooks i have ever fished.

From: Randy: Kelso, WA

Comments: Rolled the tips on two hooks right off the bat.  A very disappointing result for a product at this price.

From: Doug: Longview, WA

Comments:I bought several packs and have mixed reviews. They are extremely strong and sharp, but the tip does roll if you get it hung up, and traditional hook sharpeners don't do much for them. The plastic keeper also does not stay in place, and on different packs of hooks, the keeper was not in the same place on each hook. If money is not an object, buy plenty.

From:Jake: Montgomery, AL

Comments:I have used Trokar hooks the past couple of tournaments, both the EWG and the straight shank flippin hook. The point rolls after one or two fish. If you pay $2.00/hook, you expect a whole lot more from a hook than what you get with this.

From:Greg: Jefferson, AL

Comments:Best flipping hook on the market! Used them for a week straight and never had any issues at all.

From:Chris: Ooltewah, TN

Comments:3 strikes and you're out... After not hooking 3 fish in a row (even with braid), these were out of my terminal tackle box as fast as they went in. Do yourself a favor, and don't listen to Shaw Grigsby... this time.

From:Jason: Westerville, OH

Comments:Super sharp hooks but a bit pricey.

From:Bill: Chokoloskee, FL

Comments:Tried a pack because of all the hype, and thats just what it is, hype! The shrink tube barb slides down after a few fish, they are not noticeably sharper than other hooks I've tried and I had two out of a four pack that I had open up on me. Not worth ten bucks a pack in my opinion.

From:Todd: Spaulding, IL

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