Lazer Trokar Light Wire Finesse Worm Hook

Lazer Trokar Light Wire Finesse Worm Hook

The Lazer Trokar Light Wire Finesse Worm Hooks feature Trokar’s surgically sharpened hook point technology.  This creates a triple-sided point that actually penetrates twice as easily as other point shapes - dramatically increasing strike to hook-up ratios. Forged using a unique tempering process, the Trokar Light Wire Finesse Worm Hooks are extremely strong with just the right amount of flex to resist breaking.  Trokar’s B.A.R.B., affixed to each hook’s shank, also keeps your bait firmly in place, and the line eye is fully enclosed so there’s no chance of your braided line slipping out.  The Lazer Trokar Light Wire Finesse Worm Hook - For those who aren’t just out to catch fish. But are out to win.


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Light Wire Finesse Worm Hook 1/0 7pk $5.99 5+
Light Wire Finesse Worm Hook 2/0 6pk $5.99 5+
Light Wire Finesse Worm Hook 3/0 6pk $5.99 5+
Light Wire Finesse Worm Hook 4/0 5pk $5.99 03/02
Light Wire Finesse Worm Hook 5/0 5pk $5.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great hook, and probably my favorite for Tx-Rigging.  I flip brush, trees and have had no problems, both with 16 and 20lb Sunline Fluro.  I don't use a flipping stick with this hooks, nor would I chance it.  They are perfect with a 1/8-1/4 weight in shallower water.  They allow the bait to float better and they are extremely sticky.  They have not broke, and I have not lost any fish that I can recall.  GREAT HOOK

From: Allen: Fort Worth, TX 7/28/14

Comments: "light wire finesse hooks" LIGHT WIRE. These hooks were made for finesse applications not flipping. If you are flipping I would use a wide gap hook or a flipping hook. These hooks are the absolute best and would not dare to fish my tournaments with any other hook

Comments: Light-Wire Finesse Hooks are for finesse apps. 14 lbs. xps and mega hooksets might be a little much. I was pitching trickworms under docks and pontoon boats w/10lbs. test 100% flouro and did fine!

From: D: VA

Comments: I use this hook for all my light flipping and pitching with up to 20 pound test and haven't had a single problem yet, nor have I lost a fish.

From: Nathan: IL

Comments: I have heard so many great things about trokar hooks so I bought a bunch of them in all different styles. I used them to practice for a tournament and didn't have any problems because I was setting the hook. When the tourney day came I was actually breaking these hooks with 14lb xps fluorocarbon line on the hookset. Other times the point would roll over and never stick them. There were some that were hooked right in the top of the mouth and they came up and threw the hook 50% of the time. It was like fishing with barbless hooks. I will never buy these again when there are Gamakatsu and Owner hooks that are better and cheaper. I guess if I lived in florida and the only hook I ever used was the heavy wire flipping hook they might be ok but I wouldn't recommend it.

From: Brandon: OH

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