The Lucky Craft Sammy 105 is a refined version of the traditional Sammy with additional deadly fish catching characteristics. The rounded body shape of all Sammys make "walking the dog" easy for anglers even those with less experience fishing topwater baits. The same holds true for the Sammy 105. The Sammys are deadly lures that can attract a lot of bass even the monsters when the topwater bite is on. Lucky Craft has added another hook to the Sammy 105, bringing the total up to 3 hooks. Topwater baits, Sammys included are notorious for having bass slap the lure and get away between actually hooking up. The 3 hooks give you an extra valuable chance to hook some of those fish that get away. Lucky Craft also added a single knocker in the tail of the bait comprised of a tungsten ball which rattles during the "walk the dog" motion of the lure. This subtle knocking noise while walking the bait will help call fish from deeper water for even more strikes. The additional hook will help seal the deal. The Sammy 105 is an advanced take on the proven Lucky Craft Sammy design.

Lucky Craft  Length Weight Class
 Sammy 105 4-1/4" 9/16oz Topwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The 105 has 3 hooks instead of 2 hooks like all the other sizes.  Unfortunately the hooks that come with them are two big and they foul on just about every cast.  I've taken it out on two trips and always wind up tying on the regular 100 or a super spook.  On the other hand I just discovered that Mustad makes the Triple grip series treble hooks in a short shank.  I'll try to swap out the hooks and give them another shot.  Meanwhile, I highly recommend that Lucky Craft fix this problem at the factory.

MaxZmus: San Diego, CA

Comments: not my favorite topwater for walking the dog - I much prefer Lucky Craft's Gunfish.  I got this bait in an aurora black and had problems on the first cast.  Maybe I got a wrottten one but mine doesnt walk correctly unless the tip of the rod is worked up in the air.  The Gunfish; however, walks perfectly with little effort; great action and spitting that draws in schoolies on the Conway chain and Butler Chain here in Florida.  If your going to spend this much $ on a topwater, get a gunfish instead.

From: Rick: FL

Comments: This lure is an excellent smallmouth bait, and with the extra hook, it's a great one.  The 115's are nice, but I miss a lot of fish on them.  The action, colors, they're all right there.  

From: Joe: Bellingham, WA

Comments:There are sooo many bait companies that try to copy the Sammy but nothing throws, walks or spits like a true lucky Craft Sammy.

From:Scott: Greenbrier, AR

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