Megabass Giant Dog X

Megabass Giant Dog X

Often copied, but never rivaled, the Megabass Giant Dog-X has been a favorite of topwater enthusiasts for years. Featuring an incredible attention to detail, realistic profile, and a unique side-to-side, roll-walking action, the Giant Dog-X draws vicious surface strikes with only a slight twitch of the rod tip. Its characteristic roll-walking action is what separates the Giant Dog-X from its competitors. Generated by the Megabass balancer system, this unique action allows more of Giant Dog-X’s realistic side-profile to be seen by the bass, which is in stark contrast to other lures in its class that only allow the bottom of the bait to be seen by bass below.

Most effective in water visibilities of 2 to 20 feet, it excels when the water temps are between 55 and 85 degrees. Early mornings and cloudy, rainy days will produce the best results with the Giant Dog-X. Available in a range of deadly Megabass colors, Megabass recommends fishing the Giant Dog-X with Megabass Dragon Call line in tests of 10 to 15lbs. With its realistic design and unique side-to-side roll-walking action, the Giant Dog-X has breathed new life into the walking-class of topwater baits.

Megabass Length Weight Class
Giant Dog X 3-7/8" 1/2oz Topwater

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16 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: absolutely fantastic bait, big enough to make a little bit of selection, with fantastic colors and attention for details and, above all, very simply to use... only problem? the price, but you pay for what you get!

From: Marino: Cagliari, Italy

Comments:  THE BEST WALKING BAIT, PERIOD!  Ive caught more fish on this bait than any other, (well maybe more on the vision 110).  I have two boxes of them now.  Sell all your spooks and sammys and get these.

From: Ryan: Chicagoland, IL

Comments: AWESOME BAIT!!! This is simply one of the best  "walk the dog" baits out there!! Very easy to impart that action, if your new at throwing walking baits, get this one, killer on pike and bass!!

From: Mr. Bond 007: East Lansing, MI

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