Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hook

Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hook

The Mustad KVD Elite Series Short Shank Triple Grip Hooks were designed closely with 7-time BASS Angler-of-the-Year, Kevin VanDam, to deliver the ideal balance of hooking and holding power. The unique shape of the hook is intended to "lock" the fish into the elbow bend, making it harder for the fish to throw the lure. The design also widens the hook gap, and angles the hook points more toward the shank. This provides an optimal angle for maximum impact and penetration, while also making the hook less prone to snags.

Mustad's 1X wire delivers an optimal balance of power and flex, and the shorter length of the Short Shank design also allows anglers to use larger hooks, further increasing hooking potential (i.e. you can replace a stock Size 4 hook with the KVD Size 2). Perfect for replacing the treble hooks on your go-to lures, the Mustad KVD Elite Series Triple Grip Hooks are also 20% sharper and designed to stay sharp longer.


" ... it's meant countless hours on the water tinkering and testing different shapes and wire sizes to create a design that meets all my needs. I wish I would have had this hook sooner because I know it would have made the difference in several tournaments. It's a must-have for improving the hook-ups on crankbaits." -  Kevin VanDam, 5-time BASS Angler-of-the-Year.

Please note the 11pk & 6pk quantities.

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KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 3/0 11pk $13.99 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 2/0 11pk $11.49 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 1/0 11pk $8.99 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 1 11pk $7.99 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 2 11pk $6.99 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 4 11pk $6.49 01/21
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 6 11pk $6.49 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 2/0 6pk $7.99 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 1/0 6pk $6.99 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 1 6pk $4.99 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 2 6pk $4.99 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 4 6pk $4.99 10+
KVD Elite Series Short Triple Grip 6 6pk $4.99 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have the C Rig rod & I love it for jigs, I can skip a jig a mile with this thing & has good back bone, only wish it had a hook keeper

From: Dylan: TN 5/14/16

Comments: Without question, the best treble hook I've ever used. I tried them on a could of my squarebills and my hook up to land ratio doubled at least. You'll get the swiping fish with these hooks and they do not come unbuttoned. Since trying them, I've replaced the hooks on all my crankbaits, lipless too. They're worth the extra money to change out your stock hooks with.

From: Jordan: Canton, IL 5/14/16

Comments: These hooks help to reduce hook rash on your favorite swimbaits imo. unlike the owner sts.  They can also be touched up with a hook file in the field, not recommended unless necessary but still possible unlike the inward bard of the sts. There is a local bait called a pats perch, and peeps are debating this issue but hands down the kvd pats uses are the best hook for that job. 

From: Bigpoppabass: Nashua, NH 4/8/16

Comments: Best hooks period. Even if a fish swipes and misses the lure, these hooks stick to their body and hold until you get them into the boat. I use nothing else and the extra cost of replacing these with the hooks that come with your cranks is worth every fish you land that you would not have without them.

From: Paul: Benton, IL 10/4/14

Comments: I've LOST more fish on this hook than any other I've tried. The hook sits to close to the bait and it doesn't keep them hooked up. I thought I'd try it on Guntersville with a rattle trap and had a 8+ fish on and the bait was so deep I couldn't see it when the fish first jumped. On the second jump the fish threw the trap! That one fish would've won the tournament. I lost several before that fish, I changed to the Gamakatsu EWG and never lost another fish!

From: Darren: NC 4/29/14

Comments: I have nothing bad to say about this hook. It is overall the best treble hook on the market. When you think of sticky sharp hooks this hook is the perfect example. I have had one hook flex out, but that was because it was the only hook that hooked onto a 6 pound large mouth and it still didn't get away. I took my pliers and bent it back into place and started catching several 4 pound bass the same day and it performed phenomenally. Well worth the money in my opinion. 

From: Milwaukee,WI

Comments: I have had this hook bend and snap off. However, this was after grinding square bills on riprap all day, tons of smallmouth, two northern's and a 20+ pound flat head on the Mississippi. I also had one snap on a huge bowfin while square billing. I still caught and landed all them. This is a great hook and I don't use anything else when I am cranking.

From: Ryan: Aurora, IL

Comments: I use these treble hooks on all my crankbaits. It gets alittle bit expensive when you start switchin all your trbles out. But its worth it, for the piece of mind it gives you. Every since I started using these hooks I can't remember the last fish that threw my bait & got off. They're worth their weight in gold when your tournament fishing. Best treble on the market!

From: Jeremy: Indiana US

Comments: Used these hooks and have great results.  Read some of the reviews and have used the Owner ST-36 stingers as well.  Both great hooks, just like these better due to the shorter hook shank that has a smaller profile and the triple grip hook design.  Almost like a treble circle hook. Once you get them hooked, you have the holding power to keep them hooked.

From: William: Long Beach, CA

Comments: Used these for the first time this year on an LC Moonsault. Smallie bite was negative in a tourney, guys were finessing but couldn't find enough fish sitting still to fill a bag. I cranked and covered miles of water. 5 bites on Sunday netted me 5 fish for over 15 lbs and a top ten. Every fish got the hooks in the face. Not one bit it. I'm a believer.

Comments: My Luckycraft Sammy 105 sat unused in my tacklebox for two years because the stock hooks were two big and would foul on almost every cast rendering the bait useless.  I tried Owner ST-36s and Gamakatsu EWG trebles(which are also great hooks)but the shank on those were still too long and the hooks would still foul.  Then Mustad decided to make these awesome hooks with the 2X short shank.  I had to downsize to three #6s to fix the Sammy 105s but the extra wide gap makes up for the downsizing so my hookup to land ratio has been almost 100% so far.  I love these hooks! 

From: MaxZmus: San Diego, CA

Comments: Yes these hooks are good. the bill lewis set-lock hooks are better and lower priced. buy the bill lewis set-lock and get more hooks for less money. you won't be dissapointed. i'm not kidding i would be whatever i thought was the best regardless of price but i promise you the bill lewis set-locks are better than these hooks. or any treble for that matter

From: Rob: Lewistown, PA


From: Matt: VA

Comments: I put these exclusively on my all lipless and squared bill cranks.  I forgot to put these on one of my cranks which had another popular brand of round bend hooks. I was losing fish who where just nipping at the bait, so I was switching colors and realized I didn't have the kvd trebles on. decided to put them on and you know the rest.. didn't lose another fish. I'm a true believer! don't forget you can upsize the hook size because these are short shanked.

From: Louie: CA

Comments: Nothing bad to say about this hook.have these hooks on all of my baits that have treble hooks. Love them

From: Patrick: USA

Comments: These hook's are pretty good,but their no Owner stinger hook's.I have tried these on some of my crank's,and they DO bend!Caught a citation chain pickerel on a bomber crank I was using with these KVD hook's and it mangeled these hook's so I could not even use them again.Tried to bend them back straight and they just broke right into.I wish that the eye of the hook was inline with the hook like Owner's hook's are.For me I'll stick with Owner stinger hook's on my crank's,alway's catch the fish with them,even if they look at the bait it get's em to the boat,But that's just my choice you decide for yourself!

From: John: Virginia Beach, VA

Comments: These hooks are insane. Every fish that comes near these things doesn't stand a chance.  Even just working your lure by a pod of bluegill or crappie - you'll hook those! Super sharp, extremely strong will NOT  bend, and the wide gap helps keep the fish on once you hook them. Put them on every hardbait you have and you're guaranteed to catch more. Watch yourself when using them..they might just catch you!

From: Cobi: MI

Comments: These hooks are great. They are sharp, strong and really improve your hook-ups. I replaced all the stock hooks on my cranks with these for a reason.  Highly recommend these!

From: Mike: Columbus, KS

Comments: great hook never lost or missed a fish since i put them on my baits.they especialy good on rattle traps for when your rippin through grass.

From: Colton: FL

Comments: Just got some of these the other day and changed all my hooks out with these.  They seem like there going to be great and cant wait to get out on the water very soon and try them out

From: Matt: IL

Comments: how can anyone say these dont keep fish on.. The best tournament angler in the world uses them so thats good enough for me.

From: John: Indianapolis, IN

Comments: Great hook! I was always a believer in the fine wire trebles but after switching to these my landing percentage went up significantly. Didn't realize that hook flex was such a factor but after fishing these hooks with no other equipment changes I have concluded that it must be the reason.

From: Tom: Rochester, NY

Comments: Great hooks!! Use them for my top water baits in saltwater and they hold the fish great and havent rusted!

From: Lance: Miami, FL

Comments: These hooks can not keep fish on; stay with eagle claw 2x wide gap  or bill lewis Set lock. 

Comments: All of my crank baits get upgraded to these.  They are super sticky and they hold on!  I have yet to have a fish throw one.

From: Bill: Flatwoods, KY

Comments: These hooks really work as advertised.  I swap out all of my premium lures with these hooks.  Fantastic product, definitely worth the extra $.

From: Brett: Lehigh Acres, FL

Comments: If your fishing tournaments and need to land every fish you hook, these are your ticket. The best in the business uses them for a reason.

Comments: These things are indeed the real deal. An easy upgrade to any stock treble. Unfortunately they're pretty hard to find right now, sold out everywhere.

From: Sam: Chicago, IL

Comments: These hooks are a must have.. I have these hooks on all my crankbaits and haven't missed a fished yet.. I fish all the Suffolk VA lakes and continue to dominate as usual.

From: Mr. Crankbait: Virginia Beach, VA

Comments: Another true believer! I have switched out the stock hooks on every one of my rattletraps with these great hooks. These hooks are sharp and really help the bass to stay buttoned! These hooks have helped me land a bunch of tournament bass and are well worth the money!

From: Tom: North Charleston, SC

Comments: These hooks are awesome! I use them for ALL my crankbaits. Once you hook up a fish, it stays on. As previous reviewer commented, you can in some cases up size your trebles and still get great action from lure as indented. If you haven't tried em yet, add them to your cart. They are money in the bank.

From: William: Huntsville, AL

Comments: These hooks are LEGIT!! I haven't missed a fish yet.  You can upgrade on the hook size because of the shorter shank.  Replaced all the trebles on all of my hard baits.  

From: randy: Elk Grove, CA

Comments: These hooks work as advertised

From: Bill: Cortez, CO

Comments: Put these on all my lipless crankbaits have not lost a fish since these are the real deal!!!

From: James: South Dakota, USA

Comments: Great upgrade from stock. These hooks are very sharp & your hook-up ratio will improve!

From: Jesse: Visalia, CA

Comments: Very sharp and strong treble a definite upgrade even to my Lucky Craft Baits.  Rattletrap fish stay hooked just make sure you have your drag set up correctly and having a rod for cranks doesn't hurt either. 

From: Basslayer: Palos Hills, IL

Comments: These things really do work! I was fishing with my fishing buddy during pre-spawn with the identical lip-less crankbait and landed every fish while he lost more than one!!!

From: Gary: Vermont, USA

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