Mustad Wide Gap Weedless Hook Red

Mustad Wide Gap Weedless Hook Red

Designed with a wide gap and a metal wire weedguard, the Mustad Wide Gap Weedless Hook delivers snag-free performance that can accommodate a wide range of soft plastics. Made using as slimmer, chemically sharpened point, the Mustad Wide Gap Weedless Hook Red creates lighting-fast, clean hook sets.

As strong as they are sharp, the Mustad Wide Gap Weedless Hook Red is manufactured using a nor-tempering process, which makes them 30% stronger and capable of going toe-to-toe with big bass. For added attraction, the red coloring gives the illusion of bleeding prey, which triggers a feeding response and alerts fish to an easy meal. Sharp. Strong. Dependable. The Mustad Wide Gap Weedless Hook Red will make a welcomed addition to your terminal tackle. 

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Mustad Wide Gap Weedless Hook Red 1/0 5pk $3.99 02/07
Mustad Wide Gap Weedless Hook Red 2/0 5pk $3.99 5+
Mustad Wide Gap Weedless Hook Red 3/0 4pk $3.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: As has been posted below, these are the best hooks I've found for wacky-rigged senkos. I also use the 1/0 size for the 5" senko for bass with tremendous success. I throw this rig into thick grass, partially-submerged fallen tree branches and into rip-rap along bridge abutments or narrow channel banks. It just doesn't get hung up. The hook is strong and I haven't lost a weedguard yet. Recently I've been using the 3/0 size with a 7" senko as a pitch back lure for overly-cautious pike that will tail a spinnerbait or jerkbait but won't commit. Smart, simple design, easy to rig and tough as nails.   

From: Eric: Glastonbury, CT 3/22/16

Comments: These are the absolute best hooks for wacky rigging senkos, and I've tried them all. Weedless with an amazing hookup ratio. In New Jersey lakes, if you're not using a weedless hook like this you're not able to fish the best spots without getting your hook covered in weeds. I like the 1/0 for 4, 5, and 6 inch senkos. The 3/0 works well for 6 and 7 inch senkos. A quick snap is all you need for a rock solid hookset, but honestly the fish pretty much hook themselves even if you're not paying attention. Fantastic hooks.

From: Dominic: NJ 6/2/15

Comments: This thing is great... I live in Wisconsin and I started the day off with a 2 pounder I dropped and I landed one 2 pounder. I caught a little pike (20") and then I was taking my last cast and I thought I snagged a rock that could swim, after a long battle I caught a 6 pounder. Keep in mind this is Wisconsin not Florida so the bass don't get the size of sturgeon here. Over all I am extremely happy and look forward to catching some more monsters on it.

From: Chris: Antioch, CA 9/3/14

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