Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoon 8" - $16.49 to $19.99

The Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Spoon is taking the summer ledges by storm. It came up big in the June 2014 Kentucky Lake FLW Tournament - with half of the top 10 anglers using it, and it was also a winner for the Bethel University team in the June 2014 BASS College Wildcard event on Lake Pickwick.

Measuring in at a behemoth 8-inches and featuring a nickel-plated, chrome finish, it was perfected by bass pro, Ben Parker. Equipped with a super sharp 3/0 Owner Stinger Treble tied with Pearl Flashabou, Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Spoon also comes with a size 4 Spro Power Swivel on top to maximize action and reduce line twist.

Comments: Wanted to let you guys know that we upgraded the split rings to Worth size 7 and 8 Stainless Steel! They are certainly higher quality than the rings we used before, so it should clear up any strength issues! Thanks so much for the feedback, and please continue so that we may always produce quality products.

From: Brooks from Nichols Lures: Thomasville, GA 12/4/14

Comments: MASSIVE FUN!!! It's a must to use medium swimbait or muskie rods for the right action. These 3 ounce spoons will catch a mixed bag of species. Buy a bakers dozen just in case the stripers show up. Upgrade split rings to Owner Hyper Wire#8. Good fishing and try to leave some fish for the rest of us.

From: William: Thomaston, GA 10/19/14

Comments: Great product for catching those big ole bass. My only complaint is that I had a bass this morning pull the d-ring apart and I lost the fish. Got the spoon back without a hook on it.

From: Jason: Ider, AL 8/23/14

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Blueback Herring
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Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoon 8

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