Osprey Talon Inline Heavy Swimbaits 4" 3pk

Osprey Talon Inline Heavy Swimbaits 4

These little morsels have the same exact body design and rigging as their big brothers, but you get three times the fun. These baits are excellent for pitching around and through cover. The small size and high swimming action allow you to maneuver this bait around the places that fish live. When fish shy away from bigger swimbaits, try these little guys and be ready for some explosive strikes. Includes treble hook.

Length Weight Quantity
4" 2/3oz 3

3 Colors

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    Chartreuse Shad 040
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 5
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    Model No. OSIHVY
    Light Hitch 045
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 5+
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    Model No. OSIHVY-4-TWS
    TW Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great bait when swiming it over tree tops and weeds. This is a bait that you have to work slow because when you work it fast it rolls onto its side.

From: Robert: California, USA

Comments: Awesome bait when slow rolled over weed bed. Caught over 20 big bass on only one of these swimbait so they are durable. Terrific Bait

From: Dom: Chicago, IL 

Comments:This is a great swimbait, the action is like no other! Yes, you do have to work them slowly but thats better sometimes.

From:Craig: Chandler, AZ

Comments:They look awesome, but if you what to fish them you have to reel to slow, they role very easy, would not recommend.

From:James: Virginia, USA

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