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Osprey Winged Talon 6" - $15.99

Without a doubt, Osprey lures have the finest and most realistic color schemes of any swimbaits on the market. This is one of many reasons why the Osprey Talons have become a favorite among tournament anglers. The winged style swimbait has gained popularity over the last year for good reason, and the Osprey Winged Talon is a great bait to have in your box.

Osprey Length Weight Class
Winged Talon 6" 2.1oz Sinking

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Osprey Winged Talon 6

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  • Chartreuse Shad 040
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  • Light Hitch 045
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  • Male Tilapia 056
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  • Reverse Hitch 044
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  • Shad 087
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  • Silver Shad 015
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  • TW Shad
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