Owner Stinger Treble Hook 3X ST-56 - $8.99

The Owner Stinger 56 Trebles are 3X-Strong with a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish and are perfect replacement hooks for improving hooking power of your lures. Feature a short shank, forged bends, and three Super Needle Points.

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Owner Stinger Treble Hook 3X ST-56

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Owner Stinger Treble 3X 4 8pk $8.99
Owner Stinger Treble 3X 2 7pk $8.99
Owner Stinger Treble 3X 1 6pk $8.99
Owner Stinger Treble 3X 1/0 6pk $8.99

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Comments: I use the #2s on my s-waver 168, a 6" BBZ, and a 6" Bull Shad, have caught plenty of fish on all the baits, and no issues with the hooks, they don't bend and fish stay pinned when you stick them!

From: Nolan: VA 9/21/14

Comments: I have 30+ plus fish on one set of hooks and they still are sticking fish, and I am using 25lb test and an XH swimbait rod, they don't bend. Still needle sharp and can take a ton of abuse. My favorite hooks for swimbaits.

From: Max

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