Owner Wacky Jig Head 4pk

MSRP $6.99

The Owner Wacky Jig Head features precise weight positioning and hook orientation for the ultimate wacky presentations. Its all-new 1/0 hook, designed to accommodate the largest of wacky baits, even features a special V-bend in the gap to ensure baits naturally sit in the “saddle,” and don’t slide up or down the shank. Also featuring an ideal weedguard for fishing cover, the Owner Wacky Jig Head includes a black chrome finish and a super needle point for superior penetration.

4 per pack

Don't forget to pair the Owner Wacky Jig Head with the Owner Wounded Minnow for a unique and deadly presentation.

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Owner Wacky Jig Head 1/32 $4.99 5+
Owner Wacky Jig Head 1/16 $4.99 5+
Owner Wacky Jig Head 1/8 $4.99 5+
Owner Wacky Jig Head 3/16 $4.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I threw the 1/8 oz for the first time at Douglas Lake, Tn, which is a very deep lake. I usually throw Senkos weightless. I was very happy at how well it produced including a 4.4 lber. To whomever said these hooks are too light & straighten out, forget that. I snagged these jigs about 20 times over the weekend tournament & I got it back 100% of the time. Yes, I did have to bend the hook back into shape but not bc of a fish. My hook up rate was probably 75-80% so very satisfied bc you won't get them all. Price is better than the Gamas too. I highly recommend.

From: John: Germantown, MD 5/17/16

Comments: I really liked the hook at first, I was getting alot of bites with a good hook up ratio. But I hooked up with a big bedding female sight fishing and the hook straightend out right before I could bring her on shore. In other word's the hook worked great for small bass and crappie. But the light wire is  at chance of rolling on a big fish.

From: Jim: Newburg, MD 4/23/14

Comments: Pretty good wacky jig. The hook is a bit to light. When you get hung up it straightens out and never holds it's shape after. I guess I'm still looking for a heavier hook.

From: Danny: Stockton, CA

Comments: Dude, I throw a jig head wacky A LOT. Been doing it for about 4 years now. I use this head in 1/8 90% of the time. I seriously have never caught a fish on the fall, and I am careful to check my line and watch it as it sinks. You get a quicker fall rate with the 1/8 to get it down where the party is. Shake your day away!

From: Meatwad: Inchi Wacky, Brah

Comments: I have used other heads for wacky worming and so far i like this head the best. I do not think you can go wrong with this one.

From: Frank: Allentown, PA

Comments:  It's a great product.  Spooled up P-Line Floroclear in 8 lbs test.  Rigged up with Berkley Powerbait 5" Shakey Worm in black.  Caught a lot of fish in 5-8 FOW.  Each time I reel in, it sets the hook on the lip.  Easy to get hook out of fish mouth and let fish go to fight another day.  All I can say with this product, it greatly enhance my rate of catch by 10 times fold better than any other wacky jig head I've tried combined.  James have already mentioned it right from the get-go.  Thanks!

From: Jason: New Richland, MN

Comments: awsome product. better weedguard than any other wacky jig head on the market. great hook.

From: James: FL

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