P-Line FloroClear

P-Line FloroClear

P-Line FloroClear is a combination of tough P-Line co-polymer with a fluorocarbon coating that reduces the line's visibility when immersed in water. The combination of the two materials enhances the strength of the fluorocarbon line with the addition of the co-polymer and gives the low stretch and abrasion resistance characteristics of fluorocarbon to the co-polymer. The line diameters are less than P-Line CXX and the breaking strengths are also lower for each line rating. This line handles quite well even on a spinning reel and can be used in the higher strength ratings even for finesse fishing.

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P-Line FloroClear 300yd 4lb $8.99 5+
P-Line FloroClear 300yd 5lb $8.99 3
P-Line FloroClear 300yd 6lb $8.99 5+
P-Line FloroClear 300yd 8lb $8.99 5+
P-Line FloroClear 300yd 10lb $9.49 5+
P-Line FloroClear 300yd 12lb $9.49 5+
P-Line FloroClear 300yd 15lb $9.49 5+
P-Line FloroClear 300yd 20lb $11.49 5+
P-Line FloroClear 260yd 25lb $11.49 5
P-Line FloroClear 600yd 6lb $12.99 5+
P-Line FloroClear 600yd 8lb $12.99 5+
P-Line FloroClear 600yd 10lb $14.99 5+
P-Line FloroClear 600yd 12lb $14.99 5+
P-Line FloroClear 600yd 15lb $14.99 5+
P-Line FloroClear 600yd 20lb $15.99 5+
P-Line FloroClear 3000yd 6lb $49.99 2+
P-Line FloroClear 3000yd 8lb $49.99 2+
P-Line FloroClear 3000yd 10lb $59.99 2+
P-Line FloroClear 3000yd 12lb $59.99 2+
P-Line FloroClear 3000yd 15lb $59.99 2+
P-Line FloroClear 3000yd 20lb $74.99 2

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Customer Reviews

Comments: If you use common sense, check your line often for damage, and replace it often when using high resistance lures, this line is dependable and easy to cast/manage.  I have been using it since it came out and have only had issues with one bad spool.

From: Unknown 2/16/17

Comments: Love the P-Line Floroclear. Great knot strength and very low memory for fluorocarbon. Great price for a great line.

From: Dave 2/12/17

Comments: I bought the 30# variety. I fish for large flathead and blue catfish. This line is phenomenal! Thin diameter, sinks (which is a big concern when fishing in crowded tournaments using bobbers!). The memory comparative to other lines such a Big Game or BPS Excel, is night and day. With a standard fisherman's barrel knot, I have not found there to be any slipping issues, however, it is 30# test and I wet my line before tying. For what I'm using it for, it is fantastic!

From: Brandon - Cincinnati, Ohio 2/2/17

Comments: bought the 6lb for my light tackle spinning rod & couldn't be happier. previously used seaguar red label & had problems with line memory & wind knots - even after treating with kvd conditioner. first day out & could immediately tell the difference. the line came out so easily on the cast - no memory, no wind knots. knot strength was excellent. 

From: Karl: San Diego 1/15/17

Comments: I have used P-Line for 20 yrs.  both 10 and 15lb. test. its a great line. I have not lost a fish and highly recommend this product.

From: Unknown: 1/28/17

Comments: I've never had an issue with this line. Probably one of the best co-polymer line I've ever used. I fish in Wisconsin & this line has never let me down. Nothing but good experience on my part. Definitely worth getting!

From: MaJayYer: Milwaukee, WI 8/3/16

Comments: my 6lb [2.72kg] floroclear just lifted 3.45 kg in my test why? Because i used a properly tied palomar knot, its not the only line that needs a palomar knot sunline siglon v needs a palomar knot. These days there are more options when we are after soft or slick lines!

From: Peter: Tas Aus 7/28/16

Comments: I have been using P-Line FloroClear for 18 years in family trips on our boat to Sombrero reef in Marathon Fla. & striper fishing on the Hudson River near the Federal dam in Troy NY. It makes great leader material in the 15-20 lb. range & makes a good main line. Long 6' plus leaders are excellent and are often the difference between catching and not. People with problems with this line don't know how to use line properly. The 4 lb. works great on Carolina rig fishing in northern NY lakes for small mouth & large mouth with enough strength and low visibility for picky fish. Love the product!

From: Christopher: Troy, NY 6/13/16

Comments: I'm not sure where all of these negative comments come from on this line. I've used it for years & never had a problem with it. No memory, no fragile or brittle problems no lost fish unless I did something wrong. I replace it on all of my rods every 2 years & cut off any damaged ends I find during normal use. I fish for a bit of everything from panfish & bass to walleye & striper hybrids to trout to carp & catfish. I use from 4 lbs to 15 lbs on various rods without an issue. I've even broken limbs from trees before the line snapped but I got my lure back when that happened. All I can say is that these bad reviews may be more user error than line error.

From: Rich: Pittsburgh, PA 3/22/16

Comments: I tried this line because a friend recommended it & now I'm mad at my friend. The memory on this line is horrible. I could barely spool it without it looking like a slinky. I tried it anyways and had major problems. I could barely cast it without a birds nest every other cast. I'll never buy another Pline product. Nothing but problems with all of their lines that I've tried.

From: Jadon: CO 2/11/16

Comments: probably some of the weakest line that I have ever used. Put brand new line on for a fishing trip that I recently took to ky lake and the first cast I made with it it broke on the spool then I respooled all new line and made about 10-12 casts and It broke again. I will most likely never purchase P line again.

From: Daniel: KY 12/21/15

Comments: There are some wacky reviews on here. Started using this stuff 8 years ago on my spinning gear as a better handling option verses fluorocarbon on spare spinning spools in which I did not want braid either. I use it on two of my 7ft med rods that I use for lite pitch,shakeys, tubes etc. I use it in 10#. I have zero complaints with this line. On one trip, I watched my son reel in a 9# largemouth & a 8-1/2 largemouth on back to back casts.It handles well, good abrasion resistance and strenth. Enough said.

From: Butch: Champion, OH 11/6/15

Comments: Positives: After 2.5 months of using the line frequently, pretty pleased with this line. Many rocky reservoirs in this area and the line tends to hold up nicely around sharp rocks and cliffs. Good sensitivity, strength, hook sets Drawbacks: Certain knots tend to slip while I have found a couple that hold very well. I spooled a few spinning and casting rods with it back in April but now the line is showing major memory issues, even with line conditioner. You need to check your line regularly (which you should do anyway) because the slightest abrasion in the line will cause a break.

From: Adam: Las Vegas, NV 6/24/15

Comments: I'm primarily a fresh water bass fisher, with that being said I have no idea what happens to fishing line in salt water.I usually fish 100% fluorocarbon but this line caught my eye at my local bait shop. The first day I used this line I was blown away at how far a normal cast went, I'm talking +10 meters with no additional effort. After that one cast it was fish after fish after fish! Keep in mind this is at an extremely over fished pond, so this many strikes is not common. Just remember all line serves a purpose, for me this line is going to work especially at over fished areas where fish start noticing fishing line, floroclear is literally invisible.

From: Shane: Watertown, NY 6/2/15

Comments: I use the P-Line Flouroclear almost exclusively on most of my applications. It works wonderful and doesn't cost me any bites vs Flourocarbon. Very tough and durable line. I use the 15lb on most applications, but will fluctuate between the 12lb to 20lb. I fish a lot of tournaments and have been very pleased with its performance. I did however just recently get a bad spool that was very chaffed when it came off the spool. But that's the only problem Ive had.

From: Jimmy: Huntington, TX 5/27/15

Comments: The only rod I don't use this on is my froggin/flippin stick. I use 20# for most applications, 15# for big cranks, 12# for small cranks. Low memory, casts well, strong knots. If you're looking for lockdown drag, flip a cinder block over your roof hooksets, and grinding it against jagged rocks, go with a braid.

From: Nick: KY 4/11/15

Comments: On one of my trips I had my braid spooled cleanly of my reel (ouch) while fishing for Salmon. I immediately made a 5 minute trip to a near by store that had only Pline so i picked this up and got back in the water only to be really disappointed. I lost total contact with my lure, I couldn't feel anything sensitivity was poor and the stretch of this line is WAY! to much for my needs. However as a leader it proved to work great with braid. I have landed 40+" Halibut and Stripers on the remaining 20LB I used as leader.

From: Jesus: Pinole, CA 12/28/14

Comments: I like this line, but I use it on spinning gear. It IS fragile so don't pitch 8-10 lb into brush and then cuss it when you get owned. 10lb on a spinning reel is what I put on friend's reels that fish w me who manhandle their fish in. Check it often (like you should with any line...duh) and it'll be fine. 15 is good for light worming, senkos and flukes but again, keep it out of the brush!

From: Jay6: USA 11/5/14

Comments: I like this line, but I'm warning you. If you get even a little kink in the line, be ready for it to break. I've lost so many lures just casting and the line just snapping off. I'm gonna put Mono on next re spool. This stuff is very brittle.

From: Fred: Flint, MI 9/19/14

Comments: You must use the right tool for the right job. This line has worked well for me as leader material. A 3yd section costs about $0.08, that's an amazing deal! I use the 20 lb for drop shot leaders off the rocks/jettys and this copolymer performers close to it's fluorocarbon counterpart. There is a decent amount of abrassion resistance but it does get nicked and frayed like any leader/line. I use the pull test to see if I need to change out. I tie a dozen leaders at a time, like bullets in a chamber. This product in combination with Big Hammer Salt Shakers or B2 Squids has elevated my inshore success 10 fold. I have never broke off a fish on 20lb, even after pulling it from it's cave.

From: John: Humboldt 9/13/14

Comments: This line is not bad for the price but I do think the lb test ratings are a bit overrated.  I can snap the 12lb with by bare hands, no not just in one spot I can do that anywhere in the 300 yd spool and it hasn't been used yet.  With most other lines anything higher than 8 and i can try as hard as I can and not snap it with my hands. Ok line for fun fishing but I would never trust it in a tournament.

From: Rob: Reedsville, PA 7/11/14

Comments: I love this line its supper strong and fairly abrasive resistant try it You wont be disappointed ingnor the bad reviews just check for frays and retie if nesseary and your good to go

From: Gama: San Diego, CA 4/22/14

Comments: I do believe that some of the people posting about their experience with this line have no common sense in how to use and maintain fishing line. I have been using the same PLine Fluoroclear in test lines varying from 8 to 20 lbs since 2007; same 3000 yd spools I have purchased back then! And I am fishing at least 4 times a year in "big-time" tournament settings, as well as a lot of local bass club tournaments. I have yet to have a fish break me off, whether using the 8 lb test for my dropshot setup or shaky head, 10 lb for deep cranking or 20 lbs for flipping in the Cal Delta or even using 15 lb test for swim baiting at Clear Lake! Does it have some memory, more than some other lines? Yes, it does. However, if you use KVD's Line and Lure Conditioner, 90% of the time the problem is manageable. I do not think there is a harder line to break per pound test out there that can beat this one!

From: Mike: Portland, OR 2/25/14

Comments: This line is amazing. Spooled my Calcutta 400 with 20 lb. Cast like a dream and last a long tim e. I've used this mostly in saltwater. Biggest fish was a 40-45lb Jack Carvelle. It took me for a ride on my kayak. Reel in some  40lb+bull reds and monster black drum too. This line hangs up there with Stren mono and Berkley Big Gam e mono. Nice line never had a problem

From: Chris: USA

Comments: This is a good quality line.  These reviews about it breaking are from people that do not understand basic line maintenance such as checking for frays and retying line that has been in the sun for awhile.  Clear as can be and a good mix of flouro and mono.  Flouro even flouro coated such as this cuts itself therefore tie the shaw grigsby knot from off YouTube simple to learn or tie a palomar correctly for no overlap and you will love this line.  Hard to beat.

From: Evan: WV

Comments: This line is horrible after multiple uses. The line tends to snap on casting causing loss of lures and the outer coating tends to peel off after only a few weeks of use. I switched to this line after a suggestion from the salesman at Dick's suggested it big mistake.

From: Chris: Huntsville, Al

Comments: This stuff is terrible, It broke in the real at least 5 times. It broke while casting 3 times lost several cranks and spinner baits. It broke at least 6 times while trying to tie a knot. I like McCoy or just about any other brand than this.

From: Don: Lancaster, Ohio USA

Comments: My first impression on this line a few years ago, not the best. I was wrong. Line is a speciality tool anymore. I was using for the wrong application. This line MUST be paired with the right rod for the best results. It is accurate 100% accurate in its breakung strength. Most 10# breaks between 12 and 15. This will break @ 10. Nothing wrong with that! Some arent used to that though. That is why the diameter is smaller than simaller  test ratings. I love this line for jerkbaits, finesse cranking, finesse swim baits, etc. It is verry strong with the right knot. I use the San Diego jam knot and have cracked some heads, HARD! Pair it with a parabolic bend rod and set the drag right and fish on. Good open water line.

From: Nick: Prosperity SC

Comments:  I bought this line based on the very good TackleTour review. I picked up some 8lb and have to say this is the WORST line I have ever used with out question. At first it seems great. Its very soft and fishable and casts very well. Then the HORROR starts. This line breaks on average hooksets and snaps very easily. The abrasion resistance is very poor and there is terrible impact resistance. Spend your $$$ elsewhere. Thanks.

From: Andy: Plymouth, MA

Comments: pretty bad line, use a copolymer instead. knot strength is poor compared to regular mono and coplymer lines. get p-line cxx instead!

From: Brian: OC, CA

Comments: Have used this line for about a year fishing with different plastics and jigs. I've found the knot strength to be very goog and the line strength is excellent. When hung up, I've had to tie the line to a cleet and have on many occasions bent the hook before the line breaks. However, after a few months the line does develop a lot of memory and then backlashes are common. Going to try the pure florocarbon to determine if the pros an cons still prevail or change.

From: Steve: Charleston, SC

Comments: never had any issues with this line. I use it with soft plastic worms and I've caught some giants with no problem. Not the lowest memory but great strength

From: Tim: TX

Comments: This line is pretty good if you want to use crankbaits with a copolymer instead of mono.

From: Jack: FL

Comments: This is great line in all size tests. I've landed plenty of bass on the same spool and neglected to strip it the next season and it still landed some good chunks without a sweat. This line really shines when fishing clear water. Less stretch than mono and better knots than floro. Two thumbs up

From: Greg: New England

Comments: This is the best line I've ever used. This line was recommended to me by a Tournament Bass Fisherman.(Frank McCormick) It has great knot strength with a palomar knot, its clear like flouro and cast better than mono. I've tried almost every line out and I always come back to P-Line Floroclear.

From: Jordan: Rhode Island

Comments: P-Line fluoroclear is fantastic,i've never had any trouble in 8 years and won a big tourney on Potomac.Will continue to buy it.

From: Tony: West Chester, PA

Comments: I swear by the FloroClear and have used it for a few years now with nothing to say about it! I am shocked at all of the bad reviews because i have never had an issue at all. Good prices on the line too!

From: Alex: Phenix City, AL

Comments: Ive had no problems with the line on casting reels with 8-25lb test.  On spinning reels I use braid with leaders to avoid issues and it has worked great as a leader for me. no issues in fresh or saltwater either. 

From: B: IN

Comments: I do not have a vast breadth of experience with many of the new copolymers, flourocarbons, and braids. Therefore, this is little more than a blow by blow of my own affairs. I have flouroclear from 4lb to 20lb. I have been pleased with every aspect of P-Lines performance. As I have digested the criticisms, "line memory, becomes brittle and breaks at the knot, losses in tensile strength, excessive stretch, etc..." I probably have only one explanation; I spray Blakemore's Real Magic on my spool every time I start fishing and before I store my equipment. I equate this to natural cat gut in tennis string. There is a bit of maintenance required to reap the benefits desired. This is not a comparative. Most other products I am literally not familiar with. My review is simply to see if others can enjoy performance from this very reasonably priced line

From: Tom: Randallstown, MD

Comments: If you don't like a lot of stretch, line memory and line twist (spinning gear) this line isn't for you.  In a pinch I have to use this as it is what is available locally.  However, I have never liked it and ditch it as soon as I can get my other lines in the mail.  I don't care if I've only fished it once, it comes off and goes in the trash.  After only a short time on the spool the memory is horrible, the line takes on a real rough feeling, it jumps off the spool on spinning gear, it'll start breaking as your tying knots.  From the get go, the absolute worst thing about this line is the stretch!  It has tons and tons of stretch in it...I would not recommend this line to anyone.  Just my $0.02 worth

From: Shane: O'side, CA

Comments: good for dropshot and good for little flukes and wacky rigs it has fraided a little but for the price and amount it is worth the money

From: Isai: San Diego, CA

Comments: worst line ever made. after a week it turns white and gets very brittle. it will get ruined if you use in saltwatre or leave it in the sun. becomes so brittle that it snaps while tieing knots. spend the extra money and buy yamamoto sugoi or trilene 100%. dont waste your money on this awful line. p-line should be ashamed of themselves.

From: Brent: San Diego, CA

Comments: Excellent line! First copoly that I have tried and it is awesome! It's got pretty low memory, and great abrasion resistance, as well as a great price. Haven't had any problems yet. I reccomend buying some KVD line conditioner. Not because this line is terrible, but it makes any line much much better.

From: Andrew: Chesterfield, MI

Comments: Not the best flueocarbon out there but its good for the price I would get something differnt though.

From: Austin: FL

Comments: I have been using floroclear for 6 yrs now with nothing but high marks for it.....the line in 6 and 8 lb is ideal for spinning and finesse applications...I have caught 5 lb lmb and 3 lb spots on the stuff with 0 breakoffs....I use sunline super and trilene 100% for all other apps.this line is not full flouro but a copolymer with floro coating.....I think some are under the impression this is flouro based on reviews.Stretch can be remedied as well as coiling and memory IF you know how to do it.

From: Chris: GA

Comments: This line is not for me.  It might be a good line for crankbait applications but for jig and worms, it does not fill my needs.  I could not handle the amount of stretch this line produces when setting the hook or trying to pull fish away from weeds.  I have fished it a total of 3 times (2 times practice, 1 time tournament) and did not like it for jigs and worms - where sensitivity is key.  However, it is soft and castable which is good, but it isn't as sensitive as another popular copolymer that I have used in the past.  For crankbaits and spinning reels, this line might actually be okay for me. But for jigs and worms, I'll stick with Hybrid on practice days and 100% low-stretch fluoro for tournaments.

From: Peter: Minneapolis, MN

Comments: I swear by this line. I've won $5000 in last couple tournaments i fished  using it.I'd be fishing with guys using the same lure in same grass bed and they weren't catching fish while i'm killing them. Great line ,not to stiff and great sensitivity.

From: Tony: West Chester, PA

Comments: I got this line and it performed flawlessly the first month and a half.  They it got extremely bad memory and there started to be small nicks in the line.  Then it started to break when casting or pulling out a backlash.  Overall this was a spectacular line at the beginning but if you like respooling your line every month or so, dont buy it.  This does make great leader line though!!!  But I still like seaguar much more.

From: Bill

Comments: After 2 1/2 months of serious fishing, the line memory was unbearable. I also saw that somehow the stained water I fish in, STAINED the line! Never had problems with break-offs or knot strength. Good line but i'm sticking wih 100% flouro (Seaguar)

From: Edward: GA

Comments: great line for all around use. i always use 100% florocarbon for tournaments but this line is great for prefishing or for just a play around line. if it was as sensitive as 100% i would use this all the time but if it isnt a major tournament you cant beat the quality for the price. also a great crappie line is 6lb test. a nother plus is it doesn't kink like other florocarbons. a great buy.

From: Jonathon: Nashville, TN

Comments: I've tried every line imaginable. Ive tried Suffix, wasnt impressed, tried Berkley Vanish, wasnt impressed... both had way too much memory, and it just didnt seem to lay down on the reel. I tried this stuff for the first time in a tournament, and I couldnt believe it.... very very low memory, no backlashes, kinks, super super strong when used with a polamar knot, which is all that I will use now. Highly recommended for flouro. I was fishing with 15 lbs test, and using a plastic worm and caught a 9 foot gator on the bottom chasing fish. I pulled him fighting all the way to the bank and used my paddle to unset the hook... no problems. No knicks nothing. Only Monofiliment I'll use it Trilene Big Game though. Im hooked on that stuff. And its sold out at almost every store for a reason.

From: Michael: Metairie, LA

Comments: P-line is the worst line company on the market. I used it years ago and was not happy with it. I recently took a trip to BPS and there was some P-line rep selling this new line. I decided to give it a try. I was again completely dissapointed. Any company who can afford to pay some guy to convince people to buy their product for an entire day is not relying on its product to sell itself. I will never buy P-line again and would reccomend that anyone thinking about purchasing P-line try something else. I really like Suffix and will stick with that and Stren from now on. Just my honest opinion hope it saves some anglers from wasting money on a bad product.

From: Fraeday: Vista, CA

Comments: I've experimented with many brands of Flouro, none has worked better for me that P-Line.  This line is very durable and sensitive.  I use this line for both casting and spinning.

From: Matt: Columbus, OH

Comments: Great line for spinning reels! has very little memory and is super soft, but dont put too much on the spool.  Only drawback is abrasion resistance, if you fish around zebra mussels or rocks retie frequently.  Super strong when not nicked from a zebra's.

From: Andy: Fremont, IN

Comments: This line is by far the best I have ever fished with for texas rig, carolina rig, jigs, ripping jerkbaits and spinnerbaiting or cranking. But for topwater applications I will prefer a real nylon monofilament that will float better on the surface. For finesse applications like shaky rig or D-shot I'll prefer a tiny braided line like suffix performance braid 6 lb with an FC leader, or a 100% fluorocarbon like FC sniper 6 lb.

From: Fab: France

Comments: Just started using P-Line this year. I have the 12lb. line on my medium action spin rod and have landed bass in open water, off the bottom and pulled a few out of the weeds with this line. Awesome product...looking forward to using this line again in the spring.

From: Yosef: Liverpool, NY

Comments:  I use this for my leader on braided line and has worked well so far.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: I have been using P-Line Floroclear for years....i have tried a bunch of the big name and small company brands and ALWAYS come back to P-Line. I can honestly say i can't remember breaking off more than a few times in the past 10 years...

From: Jeff: Newman, GA

Comments: Landed a massive carp on this stuff. 6lb test close to 25 lbs. It was on my smallmouth dropshot setup too! dragged me through weeds, rocks and brush and the line was fine! if this stuff can stand up to a carp it can own any smallie i catch. great product.

From: Lovepreet: Hartfort, CT

Comments: Floroclear is a great all around line but it is not as sensitive as 100% fluorocarbon and it has the same stretch/give properties of monofilament.  Therefore understand what you are buying.  I love this line for crank bait fishing (8 or 10#) and for spinner bait fishing (20#) as it blends the rigidness of floro that I like for long hooksets with the give that mono affords so I don't pull a bait away from a fish.  If I were going to spool up for shakey head or d shot fishing I'd stick with 100% floro.  I prefer Sunline sniper for 100% floro personally.

From: Chuck: Lake Norman, NC

Comments:P-Line FlouroClear is an outstanding substitute for expensive 100% FlouroCarbon. There are two major benefits to this line besides knot strength: it doesn't kink and it doesn't nest on your spinning reels!! This line is the perfect balance between flouro and mono. The 15 - 20# is great for baitcasters while the 8 - 12 # is outstanding for your spinning rig.

From:Bryan: Fortson, GA

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