Picasso School E Rig

Please Note: Baits and Jigheads not included.

The "hottest fishing tool on the bass market today" - the Picasso School-E-Rig is handcrafted in the USA using premium American-made components. The Picasso School E-Rig is also completely Lead-Free. The fish head is constructed from impact resistant plastic - not lead. Often referred to as an umbrella-rig, the School-E-Rig is designed to resemble a school of baitfish. It can be cast and retrieved at a steady pace or allowed to fall through suspended schools of fish. Very versatile as well, it can be rigged with a wide variety of lures, including soft plastic swimbaits, grubs, jig heads and small spinnerbaits.

Its design allows you to spread out the wire arms into various positions. Leaving the slightly longer wire in the middle and spreading the rest of the wire an equal distance apart is its most common configuration, but your imagination is the only limitation for the variety of techniques and lure presentations you can use. It can even be rigged with your favorite lures for bottom fishing, such as Texas-rigged worms, creature baits and jigs.

Picasso recommends using the iRod Genesis II 7'10" Bama Rig Special Rod when throwing the Picasso School-E-Rig, and you can always use your favorite heavy action rod as well.

Professional bass angler, Paul Elias used an umbrella-rig to run away with the win at the October 2011 Lake Guntersville FLW Tour Open. (The entire top-5 actually used umbrella-rig as well). Dan Morehead also used the umbrella-rig to win at the Kentucky Lake Everstart Championship, as did Scott Brummett at the Walmart BFL Wheeler Lake Regional.

Don't forget to check with your State's laws regarding the legal use of this product, since it is designed to fish up to five baits at a time.

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Picasso  Middle Wire Length Outer Wire Length
School E Rig 5.5"  5"

5 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Never had used a 'rig' before but was heading to a lake where it could be a factor, so I went with this one based on reviews. I just bought one. The rig WAS a factor, I put it through hell, landing over 30 fish on it up to 5 lbs, including a triple with a 4, 3 and 2. The head chipped up a little and I had to fix the wires and re close a snap, but I hung it up 7-8 times and all of those fish and it is still fishable today. Good value for your money right here.

From: Jay6: USA 2/6/15

Comments: Ordered two Picasso e-rigs along with almost $100 in swimbaits and jigheads, can't wait! All these reviews got me pumped up to get it on the water!! I've been looking at all TW's Alabama Rigs and haven't found one that had nothing but positive feedback, and one of the more generously priced rigs..plus it's on sale. Again, can't wait to get it on the water!

From: Michael: GA

Comments: Best. Rig. Ever!

From: Kevin: Allentown, PA

Comments: this rig is awesome. i was afraid that the spring waters may be too cold for it but it works! bonus day on the river where the walleyes ate it up. I love the finesse size for river smallies.

From: Scott: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: best bama rig on the market!! fished em all and this is the best! I believe there is a swivel inside the head and it dosent cause line twist!! Plus the best wires on the market

From: Nicholas: San Jose, CA

Comments: Illegal in IA, MN, TN, and maybe others (check your state regs)

From: Rollie: Knoxville, TN

Comments: i cant say enofe i put 31.83 in the boat in a littel over an hr. left and went back and still worked. arms held up good and nothing went wrong with it. all i can say run em tight.

From: Robert: Ocala, FL

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