Plano Pro Latch Utility Box 3701 - $6.59

Plano's 3701 Adjustable Stowaway Slim Utility Box has the same great features as the 3700 and the same quality construction found in all of Plano's tackle storage systems. However, the box's unique slim profile sets it apart from the others and makes it ideal for storing slimmer profiled baits. With 5-34 adjustable storage slots, the Plano 3701 Utility Box delivers excellent organization versatility. Plano's Pro Latch 3701 is also one of the most widely used box for hooks and weights. Each box also features Plano's Pro Latch system to keep your baits dry and secure.

Dimensions: 14" x 9.13" x 1.38"

14"L x 9.13"W x 1.38"H
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Plano Pro Latch Utility Box 3701

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Plano Pro Latch Utility Box 3701 $6.59

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Comments: The perfect depth box for storing lipless crankbaits.

From: Mike: Aurora, IL 6/18/15

Comments: This Utility Box works great for storing my shell collection.  The fact that it is shallow and not deep makes it easy to get your fingers in and your items out! 

From: Micah: HI

Comments: These also work great for storing wargame counters!  I love this model for just that purpose.  Great product.

From: Joshua: Michigan, USA

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