Rapala Skitter Pop

Get your heart racing and your blood pumping with the exciting topwater action of the Rapala Skitter Pop. Built with a unique cupped mouth and a buoyant balsa body, the Rapala Skitter Pop creates a powerful surface disturbance – no matter how it's fished.

On a slow retrieve with a hard jerk, the Rapala Skitter Pop dives below the surface with a healthy surge of water and a deep popping thud. Speed up the pace a little bit and the Rapala Skitter Pop tempts bass with a strong spitting action and a high-pitched slapping acoustic. Finished with two sticky-sharp VMC black nickel treble hooks, the Rapala Skitter Pop has been proven over-and-over to produce earth-shaking topwater strikes that all anglers love.

Rapala Length Weight Class Hook
Skitter Pop 7 2-3/4" 1/4oz Topwater VMC #5 
Skitter Pop 9 3-1/2" 1/2oz Topwater VMC #3 

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have owned this lure for a long time. Probably around 10 years, if not more. It has produced some of my best catches and vicious strikes. I enjoy fishing the Skitter Pop 9 in the shad color. That is the lure and color combination I have had the most success with. This lure is easy pop and chug and as others have said it creates a sound similar to something slapping the water. It definitely gets the attention of any fish around the area. Personally, I think this is one of the best top water lures that does not get mentioned or discussed enough. Use it around lily pads or near drop offs and fish it with confidence, because it will catch you fish.

From: Kyle: Ionia, MI 3/26/15

Comments: With this popper, you can produce sort of a slapping sound when it spits water, if you draw the slack up nicely and give a short, sharp twitch. There is no rattle present inside the bait; it appears to be balsa with sort of a hard coating. They are quite durable. Overall, I think it's a bit more subtle than most plastic poppers.  I think the sound of balsa splashing into the water is a little more "organic" than the sound of plastic - particularly is the plastic plug has a rattle. Though everything has a time and place, this is my overall favorite popper. 

From: Brad: Gate City, VA 8/18/14

Comments: Im glad TW finally started carrying these. Great little popper. I have one in Frog and its usually my first choice on a top water popper.

From: Joe: WV 4/22/14

Comments: Still the best popper on the market. Walks the dog great, and makes a range of noises from a subtle spit and blurp to a louder bloop very easily. One of the best bass lures in my arsenal and a go to topwater.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 4/18/14

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