Roboworm 3.5" Zipper Grub 8pk - $4.29

The Roboworm 3.5" Zipper Grub features Roboworm's famous Zipper Ribs and a molded-in split tail. The protruding Zipper ribs make this bait a nice, bulky mouthful for any size bass despite its short length. The tail completes the life-like profile and provides additional action that can be easily modified to suit your fishing needs. The Zipper Grub also benefits from Roboworm's robotic technology, which perfectly pours the baits in the traditional "hand poured" method. This technology yields light, flexible and buoyant plastic in consistently clear, defined color combinations previously only attainable from actual "hand pouring." The Roboworm Zipper Grub is extremely versatile. It's deadly Texas-rigged, Carolina rigged, flipped or pitched, rigged on a football jig head - your imagination is the limit with this productive little bait.

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3.5" 8
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Roboworm 3.5

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Comments: Used these grubs Texas rigged with brass n glass in SoCal lakes with great success. Now I'm hammering redfish n flounder in the nearby inland waters on leadheads.   The ribs hold Gel attractant for a long time. Tight lines...

From: J: Wrightsville Beach, NC

Comments: Sleeper jig trailer for tough bites when you want movement but a compact profile to pair with a smaller jig. Also good a finesse flip bait in cold water, and a spotted bass killer on a ball head.

From: Chris: Santa Cruz, CA

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